Vital Facts About Meratrim: Reviews, Ingredients And Possible Side Effects

Vital Facts About Meratrim: Reviews, Ingredients And Possible Side Effects

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picture-of-mangosteen-fruitWe all know how important it is to be healthy. We don’t always have the time however. As a growing number of Americans struggle with obesity and losing pounds, many are re-evaluating their approach to life and working towards being more physically fit and healthy.

For some, this isn’t enough. The only solution then are dietary supplements. These have come under fire due to their lack of regulation and over-abundance in the current market. Just search online for weight loss supplement, and you will have over a dozen choices to choose from.

However, knowing what works and what doesn’t can be a real struggle for many who are just trying to live healthier lives. In the end, what we all need is something that is really effective the shedding our pounds.

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At first glace, it may seem like just another fashionable dietary supplement. In order to find out whether it is something that stands out of crowd and belongs to the group of products you should be investing your money in, there are couple questions that you should ask yourself first:

  • Is it here to stay?
  • Why is Meratrim better then its competition?
  • How can this product help you change your life if you are willing?

Lets examine these pills and take a look at the scientific research done. Together, we can hopefully answer any and all questions you have.

So, What Exactly Is 100% Pure “Meratrim Fruit & Flower Formula?

The success of this formula is mainly based on the combination (ratio of 3:1) of two completely natural and non-artificial extracts from:

  • Sphaeranthus Indicus
  • Garcinia Mangostana

What is more, it has a number of amino-acid chains that help your body to process food and break down fat. As a result, a supplement based on this extract will help on your journey to healthier you.

Main Ingredients

Being all-natural, the Meratrim Fruit and Flower Formula contains only what is in those plants. This includes the Proprietary Blend consisting of:

  • Flower – The substance gathered from its head, known also as Sphaeranthus Indicus extract. It is gathered from herb also called East Indian Thistle. There are suggestions that it may serve as a strong support for your immunity and ease with diabetes.

[See more in this research abstract:]

  • Fruit Rind – In addition, it has the substance from rind as an ingredient as well, which is known as Garcinia mangostana extract. It is gathered from an evergreen fruit tree also called Purple Mangosteen that is growing mostly in Southeast Asia and its origin is believed to be in Indonesia. It has many health benefits and is allegedly helping with dysentery, gonorrhea, eczema urinary tract infections, etc.

[You can read the research abstract on this substance in here:]

Safety & Side Effects

In terms of safety, you should:

  • Avoid Seal-Less Containers – Never take any pills if the container seal is broken or missing when you first open your bottle. This could mean that something went wrong during processing, and you should contact your provider and request a new shipment.
  • Discussion With Medical Professional – In addition, you should always consult your doctor before beginning a new medication. Even though this product has little in the way of ingredients or chemicals, you never know how your body will react when taking it.

In terms of side-effects, some people have reported:

  • Slight Stomach Pain
  • Few Cases Of Nausea

This is where it differs from many other dietary supplements on the market. Because it does not contain artificial or unnecessary ingredients, it has few side effects.

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No Additional Substances: What is more, it should never contain soy, yeast, wheat, citrus, lactose, egg, milk or fish products, salt, sugar, artificial coloring, starch, flavoring, or preservatives.

Endorsed By Dr. Oz?

In the world of dietary pills & substances, nothing is better then an endorsement from a trusted source. As recommended by Dr. Oz, it is supported as a dietary aid that may work for many individuals, having reported long lasting and positive results from those who use it and stay healthy.

What Do Scientific Studies Say?

Clinical StudyThe best thing, even beyond personal endorsement and doctor’s approval, is scientific research. Thankfully, Meratrim was tested to see if it could make a difference with weight management.

There was conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study on 100 people who were overweight (BMI 30-40). It lasted for 8 weeks and after this period those taking this substance showed actually better progress towards losing pounds when every other factor was controlled.


Difference between results of those consuming Meratrim & placebo:

  • Lost additional 8.3 lbs.
  • Extra 2.32 inches from waist.
  • 1.25 inches from the hip.


In order to achieve similar outcomes, you need to maintain same conditions as the ones in the study:

  • Taking 800 mg. of this substance daily.
  • Maintaining maximum daily caloric intake of 2000 cal.
  • Having 30 minutes walk 5 days a week.

It should not be understated how important a discovery like this is to world of weight loss management. Unlike almost everything else out there, this one is supported by cold, hard science!

Recommended Daily Dosage

(Please note that these recommendations are just informative & may differ for each brand. Follow the one that is on product labels!!!)

If you are considering taking Meratrim, then it is quite simple. All you have to do is to:

  • One Serving Of 400 mg.
  • Take It Twice A Day
  • 30 Minutes Before Meal (Breakfast & Dinner)

Discussion with your doctor may lead to a variation of when you take it, as each person is different and a change in the time when you take it may be in order.

Top Brands Of Meratrim Supplements On The Market

1. Meratrim (100% Pure)

Meratrim 100% Pure Pills In BottleThis brand is exactly what you are looking for if you want the basic, no nonsense extract. Its formula is composed from Proprietary Blend (Sphaeranthus Indicus + Garcinia Mangostana), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetarian Capsule, Rice Bran & Silica.

  • Producer: Re-Body
  • Serving Size: 1 Capsule
  • Servings Per Container: 60
  • Price: This product is $39.99 a bottle. However, there is often a 20% discount off this price and you can claim it in here.

For many people, the Re-Body formula is best for their goals.

2. Platinum+

Platinum Plus ContainerThis version is very similar to the one above, in that both use only the ingredients of the flower and fruit.

This one however uses a slightly different formula by changing the ratios of the two active substances, hence creating a unique and arguably more effective (and expensive) version.

  • Producer: BioGenetic Laboratories
  • Serving Size: 2 Capsules
  • Servings Per Container: 45
  • Price: This product is $49.99 a bottle, with 10 dollars off for a membership rate.

From this short comparison I have to say that I personally would prefer the one made by Re-Body as it is containing 25% more servings per canister for slightly cheaper price.

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Vitamin Shoppe – The Best Place To Purchase It

This is a well-known and established seller of vitamins and supplements.

Vitamin Shoppe Screenshot

With big box stores across the country and a sizable web presence, Vitamin Shoppe is sure to have it for sale.

  • Many Discounts – In addition, this seller offers really cool deals and discounts at its main site.
  • Shipping Options – What is more, it has a number of shipping options available as well.
  • Trusted – Built on customer service, Vitamin Shoppe is the gold standard of online retailers, and a trusted place to get it.

Customer Results & Testimonials

As would be expected from the countless research trials and influential backers, this has great number of positive reviews.

  • Effective – There are many people who have reported success equal to or beyond what was predicted by the companies selling this product.
  • Getting Skinnier – In addition, many have observed a change to their BMI levels, as well as feeling better and less hungry.

Also, make sure to read these great overviews of these pills, by and also

Of those who negatively reviewed Meratrim, the vast majority stated that:

  • Slow – Not getting results quickly enough and hence giving up on it.
  • No Loss - A very small percentage of testimonials reported no change after a full medication cycle.
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