Ultimate Guide to Golo Diet: Reviews, Ingredients & Things You Have to Know

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Before You Buy into The Golo Diet, Read This Review: Is It Another Marketing Gimmick? Read This Post and Decide. Let’s Begin.

The need to lose weight makes most people desperate. Having tried all yo-yo diets, dedicating hours at the gym and still not getting the desired results leads you to try anything thrown at you.

Manufacturers of various diets and pills know that all too well, and they will not pass a chance to take advantage of your desperation!

Enter Golo diet in the already saturated market. Is this program even real or is it all hype to get you hopeful, then break you?

Before you spend any more hard-earned money on a diet plan or a pack of pills, take some time to read this unbiased review.

What Does the GOLO Diet Promise?

Every diet plan or a pill comes with glossy promises. The manufacturer says that it is the last product you are going to need in your weight loss journey and that this pill is certainly going to work.

Does Golo make such assurances?

Yes, after all, effective marketing has to be catchy. So, this is what you are to expect with this famous pill:

– Optimization of insulin to help you manage your weight
– Inches off your waist
Cravings control
– It will make you feel and look better
– Boost of energy

The Skinny on GOLO – How Does It Work?

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In 2016, Golo diet was the most searched on Google, which prompted those who had never heard of it to want to get curious. So, what gives this diet the edge, and why was it so hyped as the year ended?

This diet revolves around insulin.

Insulin is the hormone that is directly involved in the glucose produced by the food. When you eat food, the sugar from carbohydrates is converted to glucose, which is either used by the cells or stored as fat.

The pancreas produces insulin, the main transporter of this glucose. The ability of the body to make just enough insulin to do its function is what determines the level that is used by the body for energy and what is stored as fat.

Insulin is important in the body because it balances the blood sugar level.

If your insulin levels are too high, then the balance will be ruined. The excess will be stored (in the stomach area no less) as fat, and your body will develop insulin resistance. By centering it on insulin, the authors of this diet claim that their Release pill will help you manage the level of insulin produced by the body.

Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist, author, and co-author of a New York Times bestseller.

He says that he and his teams of researchers in the medical field have spent seven years doing extensive research to develop this natural weight loss program. The intention of this program is to optimize insulin, to help reduce its resistance so that your body can start functioning as it should.

How Do You Know Your Insulin Levels Are High?

Well, according to the experts from GOLO, you know you are probably producing excessive levels of insulin when your waistline is over 35 inches for women and 40 for men. Belly fat, as we know is quite dangerous as it surrounds most of the vital organs. GOLO says that found the most efficient way of fighting it without causing harm to the body.

How Will GOLO Plan Help You Lose Weight?

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The goal here, as the experts at GOLO say, is to optimize insulin so that the body utilizes energy it receives without storing any of it as fat. The program does this through two ways that are in the package; Metabolic Fuel Matrix and Release, in what they call The 30-Day Rescue Plan.

This 30 Day Rescue Plan booklet contains meal plans and exercises to guide you through for four weeks.

In this booklet, it is clear that Dr. Ablow and company are not asking you to steer clear of carbohydrates or wheat. Instead, they offer a plan that guides you through meals even as you take the pill that is in the release program.

The workouts keep you active through the four weeks to activate your metabolism and help insulin carry out its functions.

The release is a 30-60 or 90 days supply of weight loss supplements. The package ranges between $40 and $90. The team from GOLO says that these supplements are natural, and so you should not expect any side effects.

How Reasonable is the 30-Day Rescue Plan?

We find this part refreshingly welcome, considering that most diet plans restrict you on some meals. The meals in the booklet focus on complex carbs and proteins, foods that you would be eating every day and those that we know will help balance blood sugar.

Foods in here include whole bread and pasta, fresh vegetables and fruits, and so you can still enjoy your normal family meals or eat out.

For this, GOLO diet stands out among the rest.

Ingredients in the Release Supplement

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Release, the weight loss supplement in this program, comprises of the following ingredients:

Magnesium (30mg)

Magnesium is a mineral associated with the development of healthy bones, a strong heart, and proper metabolism. That aside, it is also essential for the proper functioning of kidneys, muscles, and the heart. High levels of magnesium have been found to help the body control the levels of glucose and insulin.

– Mooren, F.C., et al. Oral magnesium supplementation reduces insulin resistance in non-diabetic subjects – a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial. 2011. Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism. 13(3): p. 281-284.

Zinc (5mg)

The importance of this mineral in the body cannot be overstated. Interestingly, as vital as zinc is, the body does not need tons of it to function properly. Matter of fact, your organism only requires a small amount of it. Zinc acts as a clock for how much fat should be released into your system.

It aids in the weight-loss journey by sending relevant messages to the brain, letting it know that you are full, so you do not need to eat anymore. Whole-wheat products, which are part of the 30-day diet, are a good source of zinc.

– Baltaci, A.K., and Mogulkoc, R. Leptin and zinc relation: In regulation of food intake and immunity. 2012. Indian Journal of Endocrynology & Metabolism. 16(Suppl 3): S611–S616.

Chromium (70mcg)

“A subject’s response to chromium depends on his or her chromium status, diet consumed, type and amount of supplemental chromium, and study duration. There have been no confirmed negative effects of chromium in nutritional studies. Chromium is only a small part of the puzzle in the control of weight loss and body composition, and its effects, if present, will be small compared with those of exercise and a well-balanced diet.”

– Anderson, R.A. Effects of chromium on body composition and weight loss. 1998. Nutrition Reviews. 56(9): p. 266-70.

Banaba Leaf Extract

This herb that is native to the Philippines and India has been used for years in those countries to manage diabetes and other blood sugar-related concerns. Studies on mice have proven that it reduces blood sugar levels by up to 30%.

– Miura, T., et al. Management of Diabetes and Its Complications with Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa L.) and Corosolic Acid. 2012. Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine.


A natural chemical compound that ensures that the liver cleanses as it should every day to make it function optimally.

– Lee, H.J., et al. Dietary administration of inositol and/or inositol-6-phosphate prevents chemically-induced rat hepatocarcinogenesis. 2005. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention. 6(1): p. 41-47.

Rhodiola Root Extract

Rhodiola Rosea is popularly known as the golden root in circles where its benefits are known, and it has been associated with the endurance of the Sherpa that guides hikers around Mt. Everest. It is known for burning belly fat, lowering cortisol, and boosting energy levels.

– Verpeut, J.L., et al. Citrus aurantium and Rhodiola rosea in combination reduce visceral white adipose tissue and increase hypothalamic norepinephrine in a rat model of diet-induced obesity. 2013. Nutritional Research. 33(6).

Barberry Bark Extract

The Barberry Bark extract has been proven to improve insulin resistance. The extract is a herb and hence deemed to be natural without any adverse side effects.

– Nawel Meliani, N., et al. Hypoglycaemic effect of Berberis vulgaris L. in normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. 2011. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine. 1(6): p. 468–471.

Other ingredients include:

– Salacia bark extract, gelatin capsule, organic flaxseed oil, and apple fruits seed extract

The experts at GOLO claim to have conducted a thorough research for those seven years before coming up with this winning combination. They also say that these herbs and ingredients underwent studies, results of which they have not released.

Is GOLO Real Or a Scam?

The supplement contains some potent ingredients, which will certainly make you look at it in a positive light. However, there are no conclusive studies that conclude their aid in weight loss.

The fact that Dr. Ablow and company say they conducted research but they will not release those studies on their page makes you question its authenticity.

We say this because the company site does not link any studies, albeit giving extensive information on the products and what they do. It would make this product sound better than the rest of the market by showing tangible results of each study conducted.

One other thing; independent studies that show these ingredients to be stars for weight loss give the nod to restricted amounts. We are not sure the content used in making this supplement.

It is also unclear how Release weight loss supplement regulates insulin, seeing that experts in that sector say that it cannot work the way the company claims it does.

Jessica Crandall, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, says that there is no way to change the way insulin performs. While she says you can improve the body’s sensitivity to it, the way insulin works is an internal function that you cannot manipulate.

It is unclear how GOLO diet plan makes that work.

What We Like About the Golo Diet Plan

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The meals are ideal for weight loss as they help you control portions and lead a healthy life. If you think about it, this part of the program is probably the most vital in the whole diet plan.

The idea, as you will note from the booklet is to have you change your eating habits, not just for the given duration but the long haul.

Worth noting is that Dr. Ablow includes some thought provoking sentiments in the booklet, “Truth & Change,” where he tackles goal setting and emotional eating.

Overall, we find the booklet bearing vital information to get you to your targeted goal. The fact that it contains real foods from all the food groups is an indication that it is not a fad.

Golo Diet and Side Effects? Are There Any?

Well, it is clear that the meal plan will have no side effects, seeing that all the food is your everyday meals. But what about the supplement?

The ingredients inside GoLo pills have generally been accepted as fit for consumption and so we can expect them to be beneficial. Although the FDA does not regulate supplements, they have to meet set standards.

If there are going to be any side effects, they should be mild.

Looking at each of the ingredients individually, they are safe for use and have been tested by others before. Besides, most of them are natural, and so the side effects will be either non-existent or minimal.

It is worth noting, though, that some of the ingredients used in Release pills are recommended to be used in restricted amounts, one of them being zinc. Gardenia is also credited for diarrhea if taken orally. You have been warned!

What Results Can You Expect?

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On the company’s site, there are testimonials from participants who claim to have lost significant amounts of weight through the program. Their reviews are based on varying timelines, but they all report impressive results.

It is worth noting that most of the participants lost between 1-2 pounds in a week, which is no different from what you would lose when eating healthy. In a way, it looks as though the most benefit is derived from following what is in the booklet that the supplement.

For this reason, we do not think the supplement is all that important.

What Do We Think About GOLO?

Overall, does the GOLO supplement work?

Looking at results of reviewers, this is what we believe. Some of the users said they were prediabetic and three months of going through the GOLO program reversed their status.

For this, we think it is a good product.

You Can Buy This Supplement and Resource Plan Kit on Golo.com

We, however, believe that weight loss should be derived from leading a healthy life and eating right. You could spend $90 for fast and proven results, but you could also change the way you eat and ditch your sedentary lifestyle. Or you can combine both for guaranteed & long term results.

Don’t forget to read other reviews of the GOLO diet program on HighYa.com, PopSugar.com and WomensHealthMag.com to form an opinion.

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