Top 7 Foods That Contain Most Fiber in Them

Top 7 Foods That Contain Most Fiber in Them

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Dietary fiber is one of the most important nutrients these days. It is required not only for digestion of food, but also for proper functioning of your digestive track at large.

People who face a deficiency normally experience hemorrhoids, constipation, elevated cholesterol and sugar levels. On the other hand, its excessive intake can lead to diarrhea, bowel obstruction and dehydration in some cases!

If you are planning to increase your intake of fiber, you need to increase your water consumption as well. The present daily volume for dietary fiber is about 25 grams and it should be no problem to get it thanks to our list below!

Food #1 – Bran: Corn, Rice, Oat & Wheat (14.5g-85.6g)

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Bran is one of the richest sources of dietary fibril, vitamin B6 and magnesium. Bran is usually found in whole grain breads and breakfast cereals, such as rye, oats and buckwheat.

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Crude corn bran is the riches source with about 85.6 g. per 100 grams. Majority of the people are familiar with the yellow version of corn, but it comes in a number of colors, from blue to pink. Each has its own unique combination of antioxidants and nutrients.

Pay attention: One corn ear contains two grams of fiber. Popcorn is also an excellent, low-calorie source. It offers about 3.5g for every 3-cup serving. Wheat and rice bran offer 25g for each cup, which makes about 1.6g per tablespoon. Finally, oat bran offers 14.5g per cup, or in other words, 0.9 grams per tablespoon.

Food #2 – White Beans (10.4g)

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In addition to being a rich source of protein, iron and fiber, white beans are nutritionally rich in potassium. Did you know that a single cup of white beans can meet about 25 percent of your every day requirement of this nutrient that fights off hypertension effectively?

Beans have a bad reputation when it comes to gas. However, the key is to amplify your intake gradually. If you are currently eating low fiber foods, there is no need to switch entirely to high-fiber foods, since it causes stress to your digestive system.

Keep in mind: If you do not like this vegetable then you may consider adding fiber supplement before meals to your diet. Nevertheless, white beans offer 38.7 grams for every cup.

Food #3 – Dried Herbs, Peppers & Spices (26.5g-53.1g)

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Dried spices and herbs are full of minerals and vitamins that a human body needs every day. If you haven’t been using these things in your daily diet, it is time to remedy this mistake. Start adding more paprika, dry herbs or chili powder to your meals!

Did you know ground cinnamon contains the highest amount when it comes to spices? It provides you with 53.1 grams per 100-gram serving, which makes it 4.2g for every tablespoon.

It is followed by ground savory (45.7g), dried oregano (42.8g), rosemary (42.6g), coriander (41.9g), basil (40.5g), sage (40.3g), marjoram (40.3g), fennel (39.8g), caraway (38.0g), paprika (37.4g), thyme (37.0g), cloves (34.2g), chili powder (34.2g), black pepper (26.5g) and finally cayenne pepper which offer 26.5 grams for every 100g serving.

Food #4 – Black Beans (15g)

black beans

Black beans are another rich source and offer 15 grams of fiber for every cup. Not only black beans give you adequate amount, but it also has lots of protein. In fact, it contains 15.2g per 100 grams.

Their rich, dark color signifies that they contain high content of flavonoids that are considered to be highly powerful antioxidants. When you add beans and other similar high-fiber foods to your daily diet, it is necessary for you to drink as much water as you can.

Pay attention: Navy beans are also an excellent source of fiber. They offer 10.5 for every 100g serving.

Food #5 – Sunflower Seeds (10.6g)

sunflower with black seeds

Sunflower seeds are not only ideal for salads, but can also be used as a snack. Roasted or natural, almost everyone love these!

Except being rich on good oils, they are full of iron, protein, magnesium, vitamin E, B1 (thiamin) & B6, potassium, selenium and copper!

Keep in mind: Sunflower seeds offer you about 10.6 g for a 100-gram serving. This means that you are provided 14.3 g. per cup, which is pretty good!

Food #6 – Garbanzo Beans (12.5g)

chickpea gorbanzo beans

Garbanzo beans, commonly known as chickpeas, are versatile legumes that come in 2 varieties.

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The darker variety that is richer in antioxidants and fibril, and the lighter variety that is common in United States. Not only that, these are rich on fiber as in 100g serving will provide you with 12.5 grams of this substance.


Pay attention: Garbanzos were domesticated for the very first time in the Middle East, where they are still a significant ingredient in everyday dishes, such as falafel or hummus.

Food #7 – Nuts (9.5g – 12.2g)

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Nuts make an excellent snack. Almonds offer the most fiber with about 12.2 grams for every 100 gram serving, which is approximately 17.4 grams per cup.

These are followed by hazelnuts (10g), pistachios (10g) and finally pecans which offer 9.5 grams for 100 gram serving of whole nuts.

In other words: They provide you 2.7 grams of fiber for every ounce, which is impressive, isn’t it?

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  • Ann

    I think I knew most of these had fiber in them, but I am surprised at the Dried Herbs, Peppers and Spices.
    Good information!

  • Chris Romans

    The best fiber for me comes in the form of little snacks throughout the day. That, or in the cereal I eat in the morning as I am a big fan of Raisin Bran. As your blog is geared towards weight loss, it is really valuable to add fiber to your diet because it can help regulate your body and generally will make you feel more full. Another cereal I commonly eat are Mini-Wheats, which have a high value of fiber as well; and I never feel the need for more than one or two bowls before I am full and ready to go until lunch (or later). I also like nuts like pistachios because I can just keep them in a bowl on my desk and pick at them throughout the day while I am working, both at work and at home! Nothing quite like a simple diet change to help you feel more full, and allow you to lose more weight pretty quick.

  • Anna Adams

    Hey thanks for this list. My doctor has just recommended I get myself on a high fibre diet. Now I am not one for completely changing what I eat. But I am a keen cook who likes to experiment, so I figured, why not try and find a list of things that have a lot of fibre in them and see if I can somehow incorporate them in to my dishes, then I get the best of both worlds.

    The beans and spices should be easy, I eat a lot of curries and oriental dishes. I just need to get thinking how I can introduce wheat and bran in to my diet. I am not willing to go to breakfast cereal for bran because I have tried and I really don’t like it.

    I would be interested to know if anyone has any recommendations of a good cook book that specialises in cooking high fibre meals? I would be most grateful. Thanks.

  • Stefan

    I just saw a short science bit on TV about beans and why they cause gas! It’s due to our bodies in-ability to break down some of the proteins inside the bean which turn into gas when reacting with the liquids inside our stomach. I was very skeptical at first but they showed those gas strips medications do work quite well to reduce the amount of gas inside your body.

    I love beans and now all I have to do is take an over the counter gas reducing gel strip before eating them and I won’t have to worry about gas when trying to get some fiber in my body.

    • Christine Derrel

      And have you seen the side-effects of that gel? Is it dangerous to your body?

  • Sthe

    I need to add much more fiber to my diet… but looking at your list I am not doing too bad! All my bread have seeds, I also love spice so I am glad to know I am getting fiber there… This is a great way of loosing weight in a natural way!

  • BD

    Ah yes, Bran…I remember in middle school, our class had to make bran muffins and the teachers in the rest of the school would see us carrying those and warn us to not eat more than one. XD That was when we learned. Interesting that the cooking class wouldn’t tell you about the fiber in it but a music teacher would!

  • Norman

    Wow, I didn’t expect to see white beans at number 2! Lucky me, the pizza place on the corner of my work has a delicious looking white bean and pepper pizza that I’ve been looking to try. I bet I’ll up my fiber intake tomorrow with a slice :)

  • Jess MN

    I try to eat foods rich in fiber. I start my day with a bowl of sugar free bran cereal and I try to incorporate beans and nuts into my meals. It really helps to keep me full and satisfied. Anyone on a diet should be eating high fiber foods!

  • Linda

    How interesting! I never knew dried herbs were a good source of fiber. It makes perfect sense but it just never dawned on me. What a sneaky way to add a bit more fiber to a meal!

    I’m so glad I grow and dry my own herbs. I always have more on hand than I know what to do with.

  • Susan Wilde

    You’ve got to be careful when buying bran cereals. Make sure you read the labels carefully because many are just loaded with sugar, even the ones that claim they are “healthy”. While it may be true that they are high in fiber you may still be consuming a whole lot of unnecessary sugar if you’re not paying attention to the nutritional information.

  • Maria K.

    I make an amazing black bean salad with tomatoes, avocados, onion, garlic and lots of fresh cilantro. It is so good and so healthy!

    I’m glad to see my diet is already high in fiber. I know I’m not perfect but I feel like I’m on the right track. I can’t wait until I meet my weight loss goals!

  • Jessica Bell

    I’m glad to see popcorn on this list! I make a small bowl of air popped popcorn for myself every night. All it needs is a tiny dash of salt to be delicious, no butter or oil! It’s filling and satisfying and totally guilt free. It’s my favorite snack after a long day.

  • Andy

    I am glad to see Bran on this list. I notice the difference myself between eating something like Branflakes compared to Cornflakes. I stay fuller much longer with Branflakes which I take it is down to the increased Fiber.