The Beginner’s Guide to 30 Day Ab Challenge


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REMEMBER: You Will Look AWESOME After Our 30 Day Ab Challenge! INCLUDED: The Workouts & Schedule, Printable Plans, Charts & Calendars + 2 Very Helpful Mobile Apps!

Can you get ripped abs in just one month? Take the 30-day abs challenge and find out. This one-month fitness program is designed to tone and strengthen most of your core muscles.

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More than 200,000 people were courageous enough to take it already. Do you have what it takes to finish it? Let’s find out what this new hype is all about.

10 Min Abs Workout Video
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The Way 30 Day 6-Pack Abs Challenge Work

Before you dive into this program, you need to know the rules. Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll complete four different exercises each day.
  • On the fourth day, you will rest.
  • You will repeat this cycle for an entire month.
  • The number of repetitions will increase daily to help build your core strength gradually.
  • You have to do this just once a day. However, if you’re feeling energetic, you can repeat the exercises as many times as you want.

Pay attention: Sounds simple enough, right? While the idea is simple, workouts are intense. How tough you ask? Let’s find out in these free plans, charts, and calendars that will help you stay on track.

The Best Challenges with Calendars

#1 –

DareBee abs challenge

Dare Bee offers a really simple and totally workable calendar to help you stay on the right track all month long. This challenge calendar is a bit different than the one you’ll find on 3rd place of this list.

You will only be doing three exercises here:

  • Sit-ups
  • Flutter kicks
  • Elbow planks

Don’t be fooled; though. These get really tough towards the end. You will be doing 4-minute long elbow planks by day 30 and there are no rest periods either!

Keep in mind: Underneath the calendar is a nifty timer, so you can time your planks perfectly. A printable, high-resolution version of the calendar can also be downloaded from the site.

#2 –

fitgirlcode abs challenge

FitGirlCode’s challenge is just like the plan below, but instead of sit-ups, you’ll be doing hip raises (i.e. bridges). A large printable workout chart is provided to help you stay on track.

This also includes rest period every four days. If you’re not sure how to do some of the exercises, a video tutorial is provided as well.

Pay attention: FitGirlCode also reminds you that eating healthy is just as important as working out. Not sure how to get started? You’ll find plenty of great recipes on the site.

#3 –

plan from 30DayFitnessChallenges

The core abs challenge from this website is the most popular one out there. Like FitGirlCode, this website gives you a workout plan and exercise tutorials.

You’ll be doing the sit-up, crunch, leg raises and planks routine with this one. You will also be taking a rest day every four days.

Keep in mind: The great thing about this particular version is that you can download the site’s app and track your progress right on your smartphone. It is available for both Android and iPhone.

The Best Diet for Your Challenge

spinach with meat salad

Ever heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen?” You can do crunches until you’re blue in the face, but if you don’t eat healthy, you’ll never see results. The good news is that you can still eat delicious meals without depriving yourself.

Men’s Health UK’s diet plan recommends to eat six times a day (about every two to three hours) and avoid any processed or refined foods. Use protein sources such as chickeneggsfish, and other lean meats as the basis for your meals.

Breakfast (8:00 am):

Get some starchy carbs such as oatmealsprouted bread, or fruit for a breakfast.

Snack (11:00 am):

In between meals, snack on seeds, avocados, olives or nuts such as almonds.

Lunch (1:00 pm):

Base your lunch on a sweet or regular potato, quinoa, or brown rice.

Snack (4:00 pm):

In between meals, snack on seeds, avocados, olives or nuts such as almonds.

Dinner (6:00 pm):

For dinner, make sure you eat vegetables. Avoid root vegetables and starchy carbs; though.

Snack (9:00 pm):

In between meals, snack on seeds, avocados, olives or nuts such as almonds.

Other tips:

Do not forget to drink a lot of water and allow yourself a cheat meal every 10 days. Drink your post-workout shake (if you’re having one) as soon as possible. It should include 20-30g of protein and 40-50g of carbs.

Pay attention: Essentially, you want to make sure you’re eating something every two hours. Why? This will keep your metabolism up and prevent you from crashing!

Helpful Apps to Track Your Progress

Want to track and share your progress? Looking for more videos and before and after pictures? Apps are a great way to do all of this and more.

No matter whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, the apps below will give you everything you need to complete your 30-day challenge with ease:

  1. The 30-Day Abs Challenge (for Android) – This one gives you access to proven workout routines to sculpt and strengthen your core. From moderate to intense exercises, you’ll find variations for every fitness level.
  2. The 30 Day Ab Challenge Free (for iOS) – This one gives you a one-month exercise plan and lets you track your progress. You can even share your results with friends through email, Facebook or Twitter.

Keep in mind: Instructions are included with every exercise, so you always know what to do and how to do it properly!

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