Review of Proactol XS Fat Binder with Discount Codes Inside


Proactol XS bottles

HEY! DO NOT Buy Proactol XS until you read My REVIEW based on Real and Fully Researched Information! Side Effects, Ingredients, and User Feedback INCLUDED!

Millions of people all around the world are manipulated into purchasing “miracle solutions” for fast weight loss each year that are often practically useless!

Therefore, it is much harder these days to distinguish between useful and misleading brands of weight loss pills. Luckily, Proactol XS belongs to the good group.

But how effective is it and are there even better options on the market right now? Find out in this short but very helpful review.

How Do These Pills Work?
Must See Instructional Video on How These Pills Work (0:46 Minutes)

The way Proactol work for weight loss is rather straightforward:

  1. These pills locate fat in your stomach and react with it.
  2. This chemical reaction will bind fats that are inside your body (mostly from the food you eat) on Proactol substances.
  3. Then, your body will expel these fats through your intestines without absorbing and storing them under your skin.

Pay attention: You’ll be able to eliminate up to 27.4% of the fat that you take in with a standard diet just by using these capsules – and nothing more!

Secret Formula & Proactol XS Ingredients

proactolxs label

Much of the formula has been kept secret. However, a manufacturer has been releasing some information about ingredients they use (most of it required by law of course).

A single pill of Proactol XS includes:

  1. Chitosan from Aspergillus niger mycelium (500mg)
  2. Magnesium Stearate
  3. Silica
  4. Capsule contains Hypromellose (HPMC) and Titanium Dioxide

Pay attention: Proactol is also built on the backbone of the ingredient called Chitosan. This substance is going to bind and push fats you eat from your body much better!

5 Potential Side Effects You May Experience

You’re not going to find too many issues and side-effects to deal with as manufacturer claims that ingredients used in Proactol are 100% natural and 100% safe! Therefore, chances you will experience any side effects at all are going to be slim to none.

However, some people have reported:

  1. Slightly upset stomach
  2. Minor nausea
  3. Bouts of dehydration
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Headaches

Pay attention:

All these are rather rare, and the overwhelming majority of users have reported no known health issues related to its usage whatsoever.

Obviously, you’ll need to speak with a trusted and trained medical professional before you decide to give this type of pills a try!

Customer Feedback
User Wyler Smith Shares His Interesting Experience with Proactol (1:13 Minute)
ProactolXS feedback

After a quick Google search, I was able to find a lot of people who have used Proactol XS or its older PLUS version and have given a very positive user feedback!

I bet these will finally encourage you to do that necessary change in your diet and lifestyle as well as to introduce these into your weight loss regime.

However, as I always emphasize in my articles on this website, you need to choose a healthier lifestyle and start exercising in order to achieve the best and healthiest results that will last!

The Best Place to Get Proactol XS

proactol on Bauer Nutrition
Image of Bauer Nutrition website.

If you are a regular reader of this website, you will know that I always recommend buying supplements and weight loss pills from the official product website.

This ensures that the product you get will be 100% safe and 100% effective, without any tampering whatsoever.

Pay attention:

Officially, Proactol is being sold by an excellent and reliable online retailer, called – Bauer Nutrition! There, you can choose from 3 options: 1 bottle ($59.95), 2+1 FREE ($119.9), or 3+3 FREE ($179.85).

3 Available Discount Codes

Every once in a while, the people behind these pills release coupon codes you can apply to your purchase. I have discovered these three exclusive discounts:

  1. PRIV5 – Get 5% off one month order! (Expired)
  2. EXPIR1 – Get 7% off your 2 & 3 months packages! (Expired)
  3. PROAC8 – Get 8% off your 4 & 5 months offers! (Expired)

Pay attention: These deals aren’t available all the time, but you may be able to scrounge one up just by speaking with a customer service agent.

Final Verdict: Great Fat Binder But Nothing More

Proactol XS rating

The Proactol is one of the best fat binders on the market these days. It is easily affordable and works very well (based on many user reactions you can find on the internet). However, in the end, it is still just a fat binder.

To really lose a lot of pounds (and to keep them off), many people need something that is much more complex and will even suppress your appetite, improve your metabolism, and boost your mood plus energy levels.

Therefore, I have to say that that there are other options such as Phen375 or PhenQ on the market right know that are similarly priced and that appeal to me much better.

Hello, I hope you find here all the best info that will help you lose weight and feel healthy and fit!!! I want to make this site a great resource for everybody. Please always consult your decisions with your doctor. This website is for informational purposes only!!! REMEMBER: There is no such thing as a miracle cure. If something sounds too good to be true, you should be cautious. DISCLAIMER: The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Remember, I am not responsible for the comments, I am not able to verify authenticity of comments posted. Please, do your own research before you decide to take any action.


  1. I’ve looked at a lot of diet pills, but none seem to be exactly the kind of product I need. I’ve been reading about these fat binders, and it seems like the right idea! Is this one more effective than garcinia, or some of the the other plants that claim to have fat binding properties in them?

  2. If you have not yet got a bottle of this diet pill, please do. I’ve already lost 12lbs since starting, 3 weeks ago to be exact. Of course you still should workout and eat healthy food to lose that amount of weight, but it does help out to have proactol included. Speeds things up a bit.

  3. Ever since I started taking Proactol, I’ve lost around 10 pounds, maybe more, give or take a few pounds. I checked last week and I did lose 10 pounds, but it may be more or less as we speak, things like that yo-yo often for me.

    Anyways, Proactol is my preferred diet pill, well worth taking.

  4. I’m going to pick up some soon. I have tried diet pills, supplements and new vitamins, but nothing seemed to work, so I really hope this stuff works for me. Wish me luck everyone!

    • Yeah, most diet pills seem focused on boosting your metabolism, which I guess is good too, especially if you eat a lot of carbs. that’s not my problem though, I’m hoping a fat binder is what i need.

  5. I’ve got to admit I’ve tried lots of diet pills so far. I really like that this one has all natural ingredients, and some good stuff too – vitamin, fiber! Hopefully it’s going to give me better results than the others. How much do you think I should take if I want to lose just 15 lbs?

    • Hey Kelly, I am the same. I tried many diet pills, and nothing has really worked. I will say though, proactol really works. If you want to only lose 15 pounds, take the pills while eating a healthy diet and working out. You’ll see the pounds shed fast.

  6. These discounts come right at a good time :D!!! I want to order a pack, and see how weightloss goes. If it goes well, I’ll get more. I want to get thin by my wedding day. I really fight with cravings and emotional eating. Hope this will help…I don’t get hungry, I just get cravings for chocolate and bread 🙁 Maybe the fiber will help too, I heard fiber makes you feel more satisfied and stuff.

  7. Love proactol! Bought it recently and lost 5lbs so far 🙂 Hoping to lose 5 lbs more and then I’m done!
    No side effects so far. I think some people experienced diarheea due to the high fiber content. Fiber is very good, but they probably had high fiber intakes in their diets to begin with, and that combined with the fat binding properties made their stool more runny than usual. Poor guys 🙁

    • As long as it’s just from the fiber content, I understand, but you’ve got to admit that diarrhea sounds pretty scary at first 🙂 A lot of people aren’t eating enough veggies and fiber in general though, and it takes a bit for their systems to adjust, but overall the end result is a good thing.

  8. This sounds very nice…and Proactol seems to not have as many side effects as diet pills usually have. I like how it helps with digestion, while helping you lose weight. I’ll definitely try it out. I’ve tried other diet pills to no effect, so I’m hoping Proactol will help me lose those last pesky 5 lbs…

  9. i think these should never be used on their own, else you’re just throwing money out for nothing…sure, they can help, but they need to be used witha good change in your lifestyle – no more eating crap & exercising more, so they can be the most efficient. you should use the pills to help your change and boost your results, else you’ll just gain all the weight back when you revert to your previous habits!

    • I agree with you 100%. Taking these pills alone while not on a good diet or some sort of workout routine, you will not go anywhere. You have to still work at your weight loss and health, it just helps push things to a faster pace. 🙂

  10. I just ordered my first bottle today. I’m a vegetarian and Proactol doesn’t have any animal products in it. All natural and organic stuff, which is different from what you normally see. If it works like you said it does, I’ll be extremely happy. I gained 30 pounds after the birth of my daughter and I’m miserable right now. I’ve been looking for something that’s natural, and this is the best I’ve found so far.

  11. I’m on my third month with Proactol. So far I’ve lost 22 lbs. Woohoo! But I also exercise 3 times and week. And I live in the city, so I’ve been doing a lot more walking. I would love to bike, but there’s too much snow right now lol. I lost the food cravings pretty quick. I’d say within the first week I had given up the spicy Doritos and the donuts. I had a little bout of nausea the first couple of days, then I was fine.

    I would recommend it. It doesn’t make you all jittery like other diet pills do. Plus it works. And I’m an expert at this. I’ve tried no fewer than 3 different diet pills in the last 2 years. This is the best one so far.

    • Yeah, I hate getting the jitters. I feel like that’s the main component in other diet pills, just glorified speed! And exactly that feeling kind of ruins my workouts, as my heart is racing to the point where I don’t feel safe really pushing myself in cardio.

  12. I’ve got to lose about 20 pounds before my sisters wedding this April. In fact, I bought the dress 3 sizes too small because that’s how serious I am about shedding the pounds quickly. And it wasn’t a cheap dress either, so this has got to go. 🙂

    I think I’m going to try Proactol mainly because I like the fact that it blocks a percentage of the fat before it gets lumped together with all the other fat pockets on your body. I also have big problems with craving sweets late at night when I’m working. I need something that gets rid of those cravings. Thank you for the tips.

    • Hey Annabelle, I really hope this product works for you!!! Please come back and share your results with us.

  13. Hello Christine… I always feel like I learn something new whenever I visit this site. I’ve never heard of Proactol, but the side effects sound minimal (which is great) and I like the fact that it’s high in fiber. When I’ve tried weight loss products in the past I’ve always had the best luck with those that had fiber. Weight loss pills don’t have to have fancy ingredients as long as they have the ones that are proven to work.

    • It doesn’t look like you can buy it locally. I just checked out the site and it looks like you can only buy it online, which is actually good because you get the discounts that way. Also, it ships from the UK, so you will probably get it before I do since I live in the United States. Good luck!

      • I prefer to buy things online anyway. There’s usually detailed product specs, and I can compare brands easily, without feeling like a weirdo standing in the aisles at the health food store. they don’t generally have a good selection where I am anyway, and it’s risky buying the wrong diet pill.