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Forum Feedback #1 – Made by User “Sherry5225” (Lost 12 Pounds)

Skinny Fiber Forum Testimonial - Sherry5225
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She published her response in early July, and she claims she has been using Skinny Fiber pills since January that year. She is really happy with them and takes only 2 pills a day around noon to keep her from snacking until dinner.

Pay attention: She managed to get rid of average 2 lbs a month so at the time of writing her response she was 12 lbs down from her weight!

Forum Feedback #2 – Made by User “SexyTina” (Lost 14 Pounds)

skinny fiber result
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This user claims that she had experience with various weight loss pills with as different results as these pills were. However, the one thing they had in common was the fact that all the weight she had lost came right back as she had stopped taking these capsules!

Pay attention: However, after experimenting with Skinny Fiber she experienced significant appetite suppression and after 2 months of taking these pills she had lost around 14 pounds that never came back!

Video Testimonial #1 – Made by User “Sharita Leon” (Lost Few Sizes)

skinny fiber feedback 2
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In her video, Sharita shows several pictures documenting her weight loss progress with these pills. As you can see (click on the link below to watch the video), she managed to go through significant body transformation!

The Skinny Fiber capsules helped her to get her cravings and appetite under control. Therefore, she can only recommend this product. Last but not least, she likes the 30-day money back guarantee given to her by the company distributing these pills!

Just listen to her in this video (2:32 Minutes)!

Video Testimonial #2 – Made by User “Livvy Cunningham” (Lost 15 Pounds)

skinny fiber feedback 1
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This woman (mother of 3 children and a wife) had gained excessive weight after giving 3 births. She has given a shot almost to every weight loss stuff (books, pills, devices), so she is rather experienced in this topic.

Although nothing was working for her, she decided to continue and not to quit and in a summer of 2012 she got her hands on Skinny Fiber pills. She claims that she had lost 15 pounds really quick. After her initial success, she experienced slower progress as she was not so strict in her diet but the effect of craving suppression stayed and she managed to shed 5 more pounds.

Just listen to her in this video (6:01 Minutes)!

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  • heebeegeebees

    As an emotional eater (very very compulsive) I didn’t have much hope that this stuff would work. Heck, I have Konjac in my pantry, among other things. When I tell you I have tried EVERYTHING short of surgery, I’m not joking. I quit watching Dr. Oz because between weight issues and arthritis he was costing me a fortune every month because I figured if the great Oz was endorsing it, it oughta work. Oddly enough, I didn’t buy skinny fiber because of his endorsement. I honestly don’t remember what make me “succumb”. I can assure you that I’m serious when I say thank God that I did. I don’t know if it was a moment of weakness at two a.m. after I’d eaten all the popsicles and greek yogurt trying to satisfy my cravings….or divine intervention. No matter. The stuff works. Period. I’m amazed. I waited two weeks to see for myself before contacting the person I got it from, since I’d also signed as a distributor when I bought it. I’m not going to attempt to sell it if it doesn’t work. A sales mogul I am not. Hell, I don’t even care if you buy it from someone else. It works. Period.

  • matt n.

    I am not a paid spokesperson, but I sound like one when people ask me about this product. It really works and that’s all there is to it. I will tell everyone I meet if my wife would let me! 🙂

  • efpierce

    Those are some really good results! Imagine how much better that could be with diet and hard training!! I am in my early 40’s and considering training for CrossFit as I do a lot of endurance/ obstacle runs every year.

  • Brad Vickers

    I am really eager to try this now! I think that this could be my solution to my current weight problem, and these results have certainly added to my motivation. I am so tired of being overweight so let’s give this a try!

    • Dear Brad. It is awesome you have decided to try this high fiber diet. It would be great if you could document & share your progress with us! In any case, I wish you a successful change of your body-size and your life as well!

  • Luis Nielsen

    Wow reading all these success stories makes me wanna try this so bad… I want to lose some lbs. I want to have a nice shaped body like some years ago…

    • Luis, I have to say that this product is exactly for you and it is worth at least a try! Believe me, you will be happy with your decision!

      • Luis Nielsen

        Thanks for your reply Christine! I will give it a shot right now, let’s do this! I am checking it out…

  • Polly Greenwick

    Wow this is so inspiring! It’s good to see that some people have had some success with these pills, and maybe one day i will be among some of the success stories! I am already preparing for the 90 day challenge but this has been a huge boost to my motivation. Thanks.

    • You are welcome Polly. I thank you for visiting my site and sharing your thoughts about it!

  • Melissa Reed

    Those are some pretty intensely inspiring testimonials. The first testimonial from Sherry talks about how she hasn’t experienced rapid weight loss, but she CONSISTENTLY loses 2lbs per month by eating 400 calories less each day. It seems that consistency is important. Also the fact that the weight loss is not rapid means that there is far less chance that when she gets to the weight she wants to be at that she will just pile it all back on again.

    Chris made a good point above, it would be interesting to see some other case studies from your friends or family maybe!

  • Chris Romans

    I like how the first user testimonial you have on here from Sherry5225 actually points out that she “effortlessly” eats 400 calories less per day. This is data that is really meaningful to a lot of people, because simple weight loss numbers are often increased by people who are talking about them, and really elevate expectations. Knowing that I could cut back 400 calories a day with a natural fiber supplement is really appealing to me as I am already on a diet and exercising as well. Plus, I could always use more fiber in my diet to help cleanse my system.

    One thing I can think of that would be pretty rad for your website as you do reviews of weight loss oriented supplements would be to run little experiments yourself if you have any friends (or even readers) who would like to try out these supplements and let you know how they work. Just a thought!

    • Thank you Chris for your great thoughts and suggestion! Actually, I am working on this and when I will be finished with documentation of my “case study” subject, I will add her results here as well!

  • Sthe

    Wow i just can’t believe the result of Sharita, what an amazing result… you can see the different in such a short period of time! It is very inspiring.

  • Chris

    Wow, some great success stories. I’ve struggled on and off with my weight for a while. If I could eat less and still feel full I think that would be a game changer. I like the fact that it is natural and not filled with a ton of chemicals like many products out there. Might be worth a try.

  • Matt W

    It is great to read reviews from real people who are using the pills and seeing success. It helps me to get rid of my doubts and have a lot more faith in the product. They are really powerful stories in the two video reviews. I think it is common for the bigger results to come early and then slow down a bit as you get further in to it. I will have a look at the sites you mentioned and read some more reviews, but either way, I think I’m sold!

    • Hi Matt. This is exactly the case why I have decided to create & publish this post – to provide motivation to me, you and everyone else who is struggling to lose body fat.

  • Toby Brandwith

    Awesome stuff. I just hope that when I try this product I can produce similar results, and maybe lose some of this extra weight on my body. It is such a hassle to do some of the other weight loss products, but this seems perfectly manageable.

    • Toby, I can only agree with you. It is much easier to shed your excessive body-fat by ingesting these fiber pills.