Master the Leptin Hormone and Lose Weight Easily

Master the Leptin Hormone and Lose Weight Easily

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REMEMBER: Leptin is Really IMPORTANT for Losing Weight! INCLUDED: How It Works, Best Foods & Supplements and Tips to Lose Weight! These Tips Helped Over 29,000 Readers!

Weight loss is a big business and when the leptin hormone was discovered in 1994 many in the industry thought it would be the next revolution in losing body fat easily.

I bet that some people wanted to make it into another miracle pill that will make you skinny without any other effort on your side. But this one doesn’t work like other “magical” strategies.

If you want to know a little more about what this substance is & what it does inside your body (a hint – it has a lot to do with difference between easy and non-efficient fat burning), then read this article.

What Is This Hormone?

Master The Leptin Hormone And Lose Weight Easily

It’s a substance that signals that we have sufficient energy reserves for engaging in day to day activities. It is a protein-based substance that is produced by fat cells and then gets circulated in the blood and carried to the brain.

What is more, every person has a ‘level’ that is set genetically. When leptin is above that threshold, your organism can function normally and go about normal growth processes like puberty.

However, when it starts to go below, you start to crave food.

How Does It Work?

When people diet their main goal is to reduce fat cells. However, when there are less lipids in your body then there is not enough of this hormone in your blood stream and you can easily (and often) drop below your required threshold.

When this happens, it tells your brain that you are starving and you need to increase your energy reserves so your vagus nerve is stimulated and that makes you really hungry.

Your body continues to increase your appetite until you regain back your ideal leptin level. This is the point when it stops stimulating your appetite & cravings and you start to feel satiated.

Leptin Hormone Resistance & Obesity

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Your leptin hormone works as long as your bodily systems understand the signal being sent when your levels hit your threshold.

In obese people, however, their brains do not get this signal and continue to crave for more food even though their leptin level is above its optimum. This is dangerous as a vicious cycle begins then…

Their bodies think they are starving and need more energy reserves, therefore their brain increases their appetite and releases greater amount of endorphin as a reward for eating fatty and sugary stuff.

This causes obese people to continue overeating. The body stores the excess food as fat and so more of hormone is produced. Usually, the more of it you have the less you need to eat.

Sadly, the process never stops and the person gets more and more obese due to the fact that their body is resistant to it.

When it was first discovered many thought that giving leptin to obese men & women would help to curb their enormous appetite.

But in many cases it actually had no effect at all because they were simply resistant to it. There is only a very small portion of the population who do not produce it at all and when given this substance artificially they lose weight as a result.

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Using Food To Increase Your Leptin Hormone Levels

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The phenomenon mentioned above is similar to insulin resistance and there are diet changes that you can make to improve both levels.

Surprisingly, the immunity to insulin also makes us leptin resistant. Therefore, doctors usually recommend reducing intake of both:

  • Sugar – Sugar makes our insulin level go up which increases resistance to both of these substances.
  • Triglyceride – Triglycerides have been proven to block leptin from reaching the brain and thus stopping the signal that you are full.

By reducing our intake of sugar and foods that contain triglycerides we allow our bodies to receive the full & steady signal from the leptin that is being produced.

5 Guidelines for Stimulating Leptin

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What is more, a stimulating diet has been developed that involves following 5 guidelines. These are:

  • Stop eating after dinner! – Levels of this hormone are highest and do their repairs in the evening. If you eat in the evening you disrupt its work and the overall balance in your body.
  • Always eat three meals each day 5-6 hours apart! – Your organism is not designed for constant grazing; a constant intake of food disrupts it from removing triglycerides which block leptin from getting to the brain. Snacking causes hormonal switches which disrupts necessary processes.
  • Avoid eating large meals! – A good tips is to stop just before you are full, do not succumb to the large meal sizes & have only a portion of the dish or split an entrée.
  • Make sure your breakfast contains protein! – High protein meals increase your metabolism unlike the typical carbohydrate diets nowadays.
  • Reduce carbohydrates! – Finally, avoid (minimize) carbohydrates, they are easy energy and your metabolism will burn rather carbs and not your fat reserves.

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Available Leptin Supplements

Leptiburn SupplementThere are numerous supplements available. These are meant to help:

  • Balance Your Body
  • Make You Feel Full
  • Reduce Your Resistance
  • Decrease Inflammation

Keep In Mind! It’s not possible to ingest leptin because it’s a protein. When you eat protein like steak or pork it is broken down in your stomach as fuel. As a result you cannot take this hormone to directly increase its levels in your system as you would simply digest it.

The main idea behind these is to trick your body to produce more of it on itself.  

Where To Buy These?

These supplements can be purchased from:

  • A Variety Of Online Retailers
  • In Supermarkets
  • Health Food Stores

A quick online search will bring up a multitude of sites where you can purchase these supplements and have them shipped directly to your door.

Just remember that Leptin is not a weight loss cure-all but you have to adapt a new lifestyle strategy. By understanding how it works and the effect of leptin resistance you can monitor your food intake and lifestyle to help get skinnier.

Check Out This Informative Video

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  • James

    I purchased the Biotrust pills and I am not happy . They charged my credit card fast, but were slow in sending me the pills. I had to call them to see where my order was after waiting for approximately 10 days without a notice of shipment. Spoke to a sales rep, who didn’t seem like she knew much, and could only say “I don’t know why your order hasn’t shipped, please call us back in a few days.”. I also ordered the LeptiBurn and IC5 taking both as prescribed. I did weight training and jogged 5 miles every other day. I have noticed no results from taking this junk. Listen to this article and follow the diet tips. I never eat after 6pm. It was a hard thing to change, since I always snacked and watched television, but I have stopped doing that and I am so proud of myself.

  • Kenneth

    I so agree with is article, I am sure people thought that this was going to be a miracle weight loss pill, but there is no such thing! If you want to lose weight you need to get off your butt and exercise! You also need to stop eating fast foods, they are filled with genetically modified organisms and contain so much sodium. I haven’t eaten McDonalds in over 2 years and I don’t miss it one bit.As Americans we spend so much time indoors watching tv that we neglect ourselves. I think if you follow the stimulating diet tips in this article you will be better off.

  • Carli

    I have been taking Biotrust for a month now and I must say that my appetite has decreased. I snack every few hours to keep my metabolism going. For a snack I eat fresh veggies or fruit. But if I am not home I eat a biotrust organic bar. They don’t taste like chocolate bars, but they are certified organic and do not contain soy protein, gluten, gmos, and they do contain organic whey protein. I must say that ever since I started my “lifestyle change” (hate to say diet, cause I normally gain the weight back) I feel so much better and my energy level is high!

  • Southern Belle

    The idea of eating small meals every 5-6 hours is so foreign to me. Growing up we had breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack in between. Being Southerners our meals were always HUGE! Our snacks were usually huge pieces of pie or cake. I am really trying to lose weight so I might follow this routine. I just moved to NYC and I notice people here take better care of their personal appearances. I am convinced my LH level is at its optimum because I am always hungry!! I will go and look for Biotrust! The change starts today!

  • Megarah

    Are Leptin and Neuropeptide Y the same thing? I’ve been hearing a lot about these two things recently, but I’m having a hard time keeping them straight.

  • francis woods

    So it looks like this supplement can effectively trick the body and help us lose weight more easily. Anything that works that well has to be on my supplement shopping list!

  • James

    I don’t understand something in the exercise part. Is it allowed to lift? Big part of my training today concerns lifting, so it’s very important to me.

  • JimmyBgood

    When taking any kinds of supplements, it’s best to be on a diet. I used to take these type of supplements in the past and all the while not eating healthy, so it wasn’t much of a help to me. I am now finally eating healthy and combining these with my weight loss and it’s working wonders on my figure.

    • Lucy

      Sometimes I wonder what’s doing me more good, the diet or the supplement? I guess it doesn’t really matter, as long as the weight is gone 🙂

      • Maria

        I think the diet is the most crucial part, not only does diet help support any supplements that you are taking, but it provides your body with many benefits. These benefits are what help maintain your overall health. For example eating beets and cabbage will help you lose water weight. Eating kale is good because, Kale is a great anti-inflammatory food and filled with powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants, such as carotenoids and flavonoids help protect against various cancers. So to me, I think the diet part is very important.

  • megan h.

    I haven’t heard of any of these supplements before, but I will be sure to give them a try now. I saw Biotrust at a store recently and wondered what it was. I think I’ll pick up a bottle this week sometime.

  • Ray

    My brother-in-law takes this stuff on a daily basis, it has helped him lose weight, but he’s also on a severely healthy diet and watches what he eats. He mainly does low carb diets anyways, as do I. I might give this type of supplement a try.

  • David

    I’m an obese person myself and have been struggling with my weight and eating habits for much of my life. I have looked for ways of losing weight, proper workouts, etc. I used to take supplements, but they never worked. I think I’m going to grab a bottle of this stuff and see how it works for me. I’m not a healthy eater, but I suppose I can get on a diet and try some of this stuff soon. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mandy

      Good luck with your weight loss! I found positive thinking really helped me out as well, and I was able to get myself to enjoy eating healthy by trying new recipes and noticing how much better I felt mentally and physically.

  • Babeythecreator

    I am wary of taking supplements, so I’ll try and follow all the steps you said. it will be hard to not eat as many carbs, I love bread. Bread is awesome and delicious :(. Clicked on your sugar cravings article too, these two tie in together well.

    • Leslie

      I am a bit wary of taking supplements as well and I know how you feel. I think when taking supplements, it’s all about just focusing on the diet and adding it in. It is hard to eat low carb anything, but I will gladly try. 🙂

  • alexander

    I’ve been taking leptin supplements for a while and it’s been very useful…just this little simple change helped me lose 10 lbs in a few months because it helped me feel more full and not crave all the shit i used to eat.
    I think everyone needs to know about this…

  • alessia

    I’ll have to send this to my obese friend, maybe this will be the incentive to get smarter about his body. One can hope! Never heard of Leptin until now, but I have to admit it must be quite important if our bodies react so strongly to it!

    I also noticed that reducing carbohidrates makes me feel better, can’t reccomend it enough!

  • cristina roman

    Leptin is a very interesting thing…funny how one hormone can affect how we look and feel so much! the human body really is amazing.
    the advice you gave was really good. I’ll change up my habits and see if that works, and also research more.

    • Emily

      I was just thinking the same thing! It’s such an intricate balance, I wonder how we’ve gotten it so perfect all the time. It makes me wonder though, if I really want to screw around with the system and start taking artificial hormones – Just saying

  • Luca

    Oh wow. I need to make SERIOUS changes to my diet…I’m a grazer, I always eat one bite or two every half an hour, and it adds up without me knowing! I need to look more into leptin…know thy enemy as they say haha! Thanks for the starting info and the advice!

  • Paul G

    I had previously never heard of this hormone before, and by the sounds of it this could be a great solution for people who constantly feel hunger. I have cut back massively on the amount of sugary drinks and foods that I am consuming on a daily basis, and the result has been that I am feeling far more happier and healthier 🙂 I also seem to feel fuller which is a phenomenon to me as I used to always be craving my next meal.

    • Sylvia

      I’ve heard that there are people who are constantly hungry. That’s not me, my appetite is actually really fragile, and I think that’s kind of the reason my metabolism is slow. Some days I eat a lot, some days not at all.