Beginner’s Guide to 7 Day GM Diet Plan

Beginner’s Guide to 7 Day GM Diet Plan

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REMEMBER: You Will Lose Lots of Weight with This Diet in 7 Days! INCLUDED: What to Eat During Days 1-7, Indian & Vegetarian Version + The “Special” GM Diet Soup!

If you have been trying to lose anywhere between 10 to 20 pounds just as quickly as humanly possible, then you should focus on the General Motors (GM) diet.

This 7-day weight loss plan was originally designed by the GM Corporation to make sure that each and every one of their employees have the information they needed to shed excessive pounds whenever they wanted to!

Surprisingly, this program has quickly gained a global following!

If you’ve always wanted to be able to lose a crazy amount of weight in just 7-days, then you’ll want to pay close attention to all of the information outlined below!

Everything You Need to Know About This Program

The General Motors plan is a nutritional guide that is different from just about any other diet out there. However, it incorporates already known aspects of weight loss that have had fantastic results!

For instance, the GM diet is broken down into a meal schedule for just one week. It was built on the back of weekly programs that both Atkins and South Beach dieters used to great success in the past

Keep in mind: Basically, this entire plan has been designed and developed from the ground up to produce stunning weight loss in a hurry – by helping you eat much more efficiently and in a healthy way! All this is possible without forcing you to do anything that you wouldn’t find enjoyable and pleasurable.

The Simple 7-Day GM Meal Plan

Day #1

bowl of fruits

On day one, also known as adjustment day, you should focus on getting down the basics. Your daily menu should be composed only of fruit and water.

Rules you need to follow:

  • Drink between 8-10 glasses of pure water.
  • You can eat almost any fruit.
  • You have to avoid bananas, oils, and fruit juices at all costs.

Sample meal plan for Day 1:

  1. Breakfast – You can have a bowl of sliced apples (1-2). Don´t forget to drink two glasses of water.
  2. Mid morning snack – I recommend eating a bowl of raw papaya with two glasses of water.
  3. Lunch – Have a bowl of watermelon with two glasses of water.
  4. Mid afternoon snack – You can eat a bowl of raw papaya with two glasses of water.
  5. Dinner – Have a bowl of watermelon with two glasses of water.
  6. Evening snack – You can have a glass of coconut water rich in potassium.

The aim of the day 1 is to cleanse your body’s digestive system and boost your metabolism. Thanks to this detox period your weight loss over next six days will be easier.

Day #2

vegetable salad

On your second day of the General Motors diet, you should focus on eating only vegetables. Trust me that this day will be hard for you. However, it can be done thanks to the tips below.

Rules you need to follow:

  • You can eat any vegetable and greens (raw, cooked or baked).
  • You have to drink multiple glasses of pure water.
  • You have to limit your oil intake as much as possible.
  • Baked potatoes can make this day a lot easier.

Sample meal plan for Day 2:

  1. Breakfast – Eat a bowl of boiled potatoes or sweet potatoes with fresh parsley. Drink at least two glasses of water.
  2. Mid morning snack – If you feel like snacking, try having a bowl of raw red lettuce or cabbage with a vinegar. You can drink two glasses of water.
  3. Lunch – Have a bowl of baked potatoes (do not use oil) with a mixed salad that can include Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and beets. You can drink two glasses of water.
  4. Mid afternoon snack – You can have a cup of cherry tomatoes with two glasses of water.
  5. Dinner –  Eat steamed asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Drink two glasses of water.

The aim of day 2 is to increase your fiber intake that will help you to regulate the sugar content from all the fruit eaten on day 1.

Day #3

Girl Eating Fruits and Vegetables

The day 3 is where we begin to mix and tweak previous two meal plans. On this day, you can eat almost any fruit and any vegetable.

Rules you need to follow:

  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • You can not eat bananas, potatoes, oils, and fruit juices.

Sample meal plan for Day 3:

  1. Breakfast – For breakfast, try a cup of diced apple or melon. Drink at least two glasses of water.
  2. Mid morning snack – If you need that mid-morning snack, go for a bowl with raw cantaloupe and papaya mixture. Again, drink at least two glasses of water.
  3. Lunch – For lunch, you can have a big salad that includes romaine lettuce, tomatoes (cherry or regular size), cucumber, peppers, and beets (you can add vinegar). Drink two glasses of water.
  4. Mid afternoon snack – You can have a mango or orange together with two glasses of water.
  5. Dinner –  For dinner, try having a salad with various leafy greens, steamed broccoli, and raw papaya. Again, do not forget to drink two glasses of water.

At the end of this day, you should start to notice some weight loss. I recommend eating a wide variety of fruits and veggies to consume the widest spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

Day #4

milk with bananas

On day 4 you will be eating only bananas, milk, water and special GM soup. However, there are rules you have to follow.

Rules you need to follow:

  • You should eat 8-10 bananas.
  • Have at least 3 glasses of milk.
  • There are no limits to amounts of GM soup you can eat.
  • Don´t forget to drink a lot of water.
  • Avoid eating oils and drinking fruit juice.

Sample meal plan for Day 4:

  1. Breakfast – Have 1 glass of milk with 1 banana. Drink at least 2 glasses of water.
  2. Mid morning snack – Have 1 glass of milk and 2 bananas. Again, drink at least 2 glasses of water.
  3. Lunch – Eat a bowl of “special soup” (simple recipe is at the end of this article) and drink at least 2 glasses of water with it.
  4. Mid afternoon snack – Drink a glass of milk with mixed banana (you can make a shake) and drink a 1 glass of water.
  5. Dinner – Eat a bowl of “special soup” with 1 banana. Again you should drink around 2 glasses of water.

This day you are focusing on bananas because this way you will replenish sodium and potassium you were not getting during first three days.

Day #5

beef with tomatoes

There is cool change on the day 5. You will eat tomatoes (great source of fiber and lycopene). If you are a vegetarian, you will have brown rice, and if you are a meat lover, then you can have a lean meat such as beef (great source of protein and iron).

Rules you need to follow:

  • You can have lean meat (ideally beef for meat lovers) or brown rice (for vegetarians).
  • You should eat 6-8 tomatoes (always eat these with your meat).
  • You have to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water.
  • As always avoid oils and fruit juices.

Sample meal plan for Day 5:

  1. Breakfast – You can have braised beef with two sliced tomatoes. Do not forget to use basic seasonings like black pepper, lemon zest, fresh parsley/coriander, or pink Himalayan salt. Drink three glasses of water.
  2. Mid morning snack – Eat turkey patty with a tomato for a good source of protein. Drink three glasses of water.
  3. Lunch – Prepare a hamburger patty (use seasonings) together with sliced tomato. Drink three glasses of water.
  4. Mid afternoon snack – Have a turkey patty (with seasonings) and a tomato. Drink two glasses of water.
  5. Dinner – Again, you need to prepare a hamburger patty with two fresh tomatoes. Drink two glasses of water.

You need to flush out the uric acid your body will produce from digesting all that meat.

Day #6

salad with meat

You are near the end of this diet and day six is approaching. You should get ready to eat a lot of veggies with small portions of protein.

Rules you need to follow:

  • You can eat unlimited quantities of vegetables.
  • Again, you will lean meat (if you are meat lover) or brown rice (in case you are a vegetarian).
  • You should drink a lot of water.
  • You should avoid potatoes, bread, oils, and fruit juices at all costs.

Sample meal plan for Day 6:

  1. Breakfast – The first meal on day 6 should be a bowl of “special soup” with lean beef strips. Drink two glasses of water.
  2. Mid morning snack – As a snack, you can have a salad from green leafy vegetables with cooked lean beef and chicken strips on the top.
  3. Lunch – You can have cooked beef with a lot of vegetables (avoid bread and potatoes).
  4. Mid afternoon snack – Again, as a snack you should eat a salad from green leafy vegetables with cooked lean beef and chicken strips on the top.
  5. Dinner – As the last meal on Day 6 you can have a beef patty (with seasonings) or chicken breast together with a bowl of “special soup“. Do not forget to drink two glasses of water.

During this day, you need to eliminate as much of the fruits and glucose as possible before you hit the “homestretch”. You can enjoy meat as well!

Day #7

rice with vegetables

Get ready for the grand finale! On the last day, you can eat a lot of food. At the same time, you should observe a significant weight loss.

Rules you need to follow:

  • You can eat brown rice and combine it with vast amounts of vegetables.
  • You should drink a lot of water.
  • You can have all fruit juices you like.
  • You should avoid oils as much as possible.

Sample meal plan for Day 7:

  1. Breakfast – The first meal on your last day of this diet should consist of a cup of brown rice or oatmeal together with the melon. Do not forget to drink two glasses of water.
  2. Mid morning snack – If you need a snack before your lunch, you can have a bowl of sliced strawberries. Drink two glasses of water.
  3. Lunch – For a lunch, you can have a big salad made from vegetables of your choice mixed with raw mango. Drink two glasses of water.
  4. Mid afternoon snack – If you crave for some snack before dinner, you can have a bowl of blueberries and raspberries.Drink two glasses of water.
  5. Dinner – For dinner eat a bowl of brown rice with a lot of vegetables of your choice. Again, you need to drink two glasses of water.
  6. Bedtime snack – You can have a bowl of strawberries.

At this day, you will be pushing out that extra fat from your body. If you want to, you can continue with this nutritional plan to enjoy even better results.

The Indian & Vegetarian Version of GM Diet Meal Plan

If you would like to move forward with this diet without adding any meat to the program whatsoever, then feel free to do so.

All you need to do is to follow these simple rules:

  • Make sure that you increase your daily caloric intake on days that include meat.
  • If you do not do this, then you may notice a major drop in energy and a slowdown in weight loss process.

Pay attention: There is a detailed GM meal plan adjusted for Indian and vegetarian version available on website –

The Recipe for “Special” Diet Soup

cabbage soup

This “wonder” soup is very simple and as you can see these ingredients are very easy to get and will not cost you a fortune.

Ingredients you will need:

  • 6 Large onions
  • 2 Green peppers
  • 3 Tomatoes
  • 1 Whole cabbage
  • 1 Bunch of celeries
  • 22 Ounces of water

Directions you need to follow:

  1. Firstly, you need to cut both onions and peppers into small pieces.
  2. Sauté them in just a bit of olive oil (until they are light brown color).
  3. In the meantime, chop rest of your vegetables (cabbage, celery & tomatoes).
  4. Add these to a stockpot with water and bring to a boil.
  5. You’ll want to add onions and peppers from step 2 to this stockpot.
  6. Cook it for about an hour or so.
  7. Add pink Himalayan salt (should not elevate blood pressure) and pepper in moderate amounts.
  8. Enjoy your meal.

Keep in mind: There are countless weight loss products out there on the market, but this is one of the few solutions to have proven itself time and time again – all across the globe. If you want to get skinny, the General Motors diet is everything you have been searching for and so much more.

9 Bonus Tips for Faster Weight Loss

  1. Drink lots of pure water.
  2. Make sure you exercise a bit, 30 Day Squat challenge should be enough.
  3. Eat lots of fiber in the form of glucomannan or any other fiber might do the job.
  4. Eat your food slowly and mindfully.
  5. Eat whole, unprocessed foods.
  6. Try to get a good night’s sleep.
  7. Wait until you are really hungry before you reach for food.
  8. Don’t buy any prepared or fast food.
  9. Always try to move around, a slow walk is preferred.

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  • paulmichaels

    Hello…I’m on Day 7 of this diet. I like it. I don’t think this is so much about weight loss as it is eating to clear out the toxins in your body. I’ve lost 7 pounds in 7 days, which is excellent. I’ve also gotten a little sick with a cough, some headaches and a little general fatigue…all which have subsided towards the end. The body is something spectacular and this diet has helped to flush out some underlying problems in my system. Feeling great on Day 7 and now looking to turn up an exercise program and overall healthier diet…

  • nick

    it’s been a week, I have lost 4.5 kg. it’s been quite easy, to be honest, I was dreading it. today is my last day. can I just start all over from the beginning tomorrow morning? I could stand to lose another 10 kg. thank you.

    • Eternal optimist

      Thanks a lot Nick for sharing your experience, it great n heartening to listen you succeeded
      I have from an expert that there should be at-least 1 week gap before one starts next 7 day program. Needless to say- in this coming week, you just eat your healthy stuffs only

  • A.m.s

    Can we replace meat with chicken? I don’t take meat and I really want to try this diet

    • bunghole


  • Natali

    i’m planning to start this diet tomorrow. but i’ve been addicted to drinking green tea, at least three times a day with no suger and no sweetner. should i stop the tean for the diet???

  • mei

    can i add sugar in the cooked vegetable and beef?

  • Celsabil Selly

    can i not include the soup? I absolutely detest it!

  • Karen Randhawa

    hi all , i just started with this and all i want to know is can i take miracle soup everyday… n i am tea lover so ahveing one green n 2 black teas with sweetner

  • cyreej

    splendid result.. goodbye 3kgs in 5 days!!

  • senthil

    i planned to start it today…my weight is 101.7kg…let see what happens

  • Nikki

    You can actually eat the soup every day from day 1 … this article doesn’t seem to say that. It’s a great appetite suppressant!

  • Flora88

    That soup doesn’t sound half bad. I think I’d throw in a little cayenne pepper to add a little kick to it. The capsaicin in peppers tends to curb your appetite and boost your metabolism. If you can stand the heat, it will help in the weight loss process. I learned about this from the Dr. Oz show.

  • J Carolina

    I tried the GM diet. It helps if you’ve got a specific goal for this diet because it’s hard going cold turkey, especially on that first day. You’ll feel somewhat okay because of all that sugar in the fruits, but you’ll still feel hungry. For me, fruits only keep me full for an hour or so.

    Anyway, I survived the whole week. Lost 8.5 lbs, which was enough for the dress I needed to fit in to. I didn’t stick with it though. Obviously this isn’t meant to replace your regular diet, but it’s great for rapid weight loss.

    • Martha Robinson

      I guess it’s pretty hard to go from eating a regular breakfast to eating apples and drinking water in the morning. I know I wouldn’t be able to function properly without having a good breakfast. For me, it’s the most important meal of the day. If I don’t eat right in the morning my whole day starts out badly.

      I think it’s great that you managed to lose 8.5 pounds within a week! Hopefully this wasn’t too hard on your body as sometimes losing that kind of weight that fast can be dangerous. It seems you were fine but I have to ask: did you have any sort of seizures or other side effects relating to this diet? I guess one week is fine but if you were to do this for a full month what would have happened? Is there someone here that has tried this diet for more than 1 week? How did it go?

  • shannon

    General Motors has a diet (of all things)? I never knew!

    I think on that first day I would need most of my fruits made into a smoothie without the dairy. I would do strawberries, blueberries, kale, water and crushed ice to thicken it. Yes… I would cheat with the kale and steamed spinach on the days when they weren’t allowed. I can’t imagine that fresh veggies are part of the weight gain problem.

    However I do agree with the abundance of water. We rarely keep juice in our house. You really do notice the difference in how you feel and how your skin looks with lots of water.

  • Vickie Terrell

    I tried to do the GM diet. It seemed pretty simple…but on day one by 6pm I had a migraine and then a couple hours later I began to throw up. I had to stop and eat a peanut butter sandwich. Did anyone else have results like this?

    • Rayna

      It’s not unusual to have migraines on a cleansing type of diet. Whenever I start a diet where I cut out a lot of unhealthy foods, I always get headaches for the first few days. This is especially true when I’m cutting out sugar and caffeine. My head feels thick and foggy like I’ve got sinus problems.

      It’s your body adjusting to the changes. So you might feel sleepy, irritated, definitely hungry, lol! You might even have to use the bathroom more than usual. It’s all part of the body readjusting. I would have had a salad with some nice fresh greens and a little oil and vinegar to fight the feeling. Vegetables tend to stabilize me.

    • Christine

      Are you a coffee drinker. I think my headache was caused by lack of caffeine from my coffee that I usually drink every morning. Day 2 I drank unsweetened tea. I stuck with it & lost 9 lbs., then with a diet off lean meat & lots of fruits & veggies & lost 3 more pounds.
      I think this is a great way to cleanse & start eating healthy.

    • mandy

      yes ,i had same condition on 2nd day..but took 2 advil then everything good…now i m on 3rd day its good

  • Nathan Rimmit

    It sounds really fascinating indeed. The 7 day GM diet plan looks genuine and it may surely works. It is all depends on you that how you execute the meal plan. Following the proper diet plan would maintain your fitness.

  • Belinda

    Sound very interesting! I can’t really see how it could do harm anything, and it certainly could not be worse than all the junk food I’ve been eating lately! I do think something like this would be helpful to get out of the habit of eating dessert after every meal and lots of bread. I love bread and pasta:( Do you experience any stomach issues with this? On the banana day are you supposed to eat bananas with milk at the same time or can you eat bananas for breakfast and milk for dinner? And can I make a banana milk smoothie and maybe add a tad bit of honey?? Please advise:)

  • Melissa the Wedding Planner

    As a wedding planner, I cannot express how many brides complain about losing weight. So I am going to recommend to them this diet. It seems very straight forward and the meal preparations seem to be minimal. I think I might even try it myself, I love vegetable and fruits!

  • Mia

    I did this diet to kick off my weight loss journey and I must say that it does work, however you need will power to not eat any of the foods you are suppose to avoid. The other thing is that the soup gave me a some gas lol mainly due to the cabbage. I enjoyed this diet and when I gain a few unwanted pounds I do the diet. I recommend this diet! I also recommend that, while you are on this diet that you have no social events to attend that way theres no food temptations lol.

  • Tara

    I’ve been on the General Motors Diet (I know, a car company, seriously? lol) for 5 days now and have lost nearly ten pounds. My first attempts at diet and exercise failed miserably and I ballooned up to nearly 150lbs- I am 5 feet tall so weight shows up fast on me. You can imagine how angry I was. Anyway, I tried this diet, and it seems to be working well. First off let me say, I detest dieting. But with this diet you see fast results. I just saved this website, that way I could keep track of what to eat and not eat, each day.

  • Chris

    I am on day 1, and I cannot wait until day 2, so I can eat my baked potato lol. I had blueberries for breakfast, a huge melon for lunch and for supper I plan to eat water melon. When I get hungry I just drink lots of water. Please be warned, you will be running to the bathroom often lol

  • Johnathan

    i really recommend the GM soup, it’s very good. not to mention that by just substituting one of your meals with soup you’ll lose a little weight even if you don’t change other stuff!

  • chandak

    really like the indian adjustment, will use, thank you!

    i want to lose weight in one week to look better, this will help 🙂 the soup sound very good.

  • Luisa

    looks like a mix of low cal and detox. i do something like this every winter’s end to get myself out of the funk induced by heavy winter meals. the stomach gets smaller, and you start developing a taste for veggies!

  • SoupLover

    that soup sounds delicious! diet or no diet, i’m making it! maybe i’ll go on this diet, but i’m still looking for the one perfect for me. this does sound interesting though!

  • Lidya

    it’s nice that a company cared so much about their employees! i’m still an advocate for lifestyle change, but whomever wants a quick fix could do this in a pinch 🙂

  • Leticia

    On Day 2 you suggest eating a baked potato, but on Day 3 I’m not allowed to have potatoes? i guess I could use a little clarification. I want to do this, and don’t want to wreck it all over one potato.

  • Cerise

    It actually doesn’t look that bad at all. The first 3 days will probably be hard, but it gets easier from there. It’s just 7 days, after all!

  • Shauna

    I’m thinking I might grab that GM soup recipe and substitute my lunches for that for a few weeks. Maybe I’ll lose a little weight! I know I’m just a chicken, but a diet that strict kind of scares me.

  • Michael

    That’s really interesting that GM would put so much research into dieting. I hadn’t really thought of them as a corporation that cared about their employees health, given the way they pollute the land around their plants.

  • Ashley

    This looks highly effective but I just would worry about being overly hungry and is it really safe?

    • Priscilla

      Yeah, it looks easy enough, but I know I’m going to be going absolutely nuts by day 3!

      • wendy

        This is my second time doing this diet. The first time yes the first day was really hard but it got easier and I loved the results. Now I am trying it again a few years later and well it’s way harded this time I guess because I know what to expect and how to feel. Just a tip for ppl just starting this I like to add lemons or limes to my water because it gets boring after awhile.