5 Best Fat Burners On The Market Right Now

5 Best Fat Burners On The Market Right NowWith it being the start of a new year, many people are looking to keep their New Year’s resolutions and promise themselves that this is the year they will finally lose weight. However, it is always easier said than done.

Therefore, so many of us turn to the variety of fat burners that are currently on the market right now. Some of them however can permanently damage your health and be a real waste of money, while others can be of genuine assistance to you.

Here I will firstly take a look at the 5 different categories of pills (with examples of individual brands for each category) that are available, and then (in the last part of this article) I will provide you with the actual list of top 5 I have managed to find.

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Common Categories Of Fat Burning Supplements

A) Thyroid Regulators (TR)

These (or thyroid supplements as they are more commonly referred to) act more as thyroid replacements than anything else. Because of this, people are able to take full control of the way how effectively this organ works, and as a result can naturally improve its efficiency.

However, achieving this is something that is very difficult for you to do on your own. Therefore there are many products that are helpful, effective and available for you at the moment.

Examples2 ShreddedAnimal CutsThyrene.

B) Carb Blockers (CB)

Carb blockers are also known as starch blockers, and they essentially are pills that enable your body to stop too much of this substance from entering your organism. Starchy foods like potatoes can increase the amount of fatty stuff you are consuming & storing, so these can stop the starchy enzymes from entering your system.

These tablets are generally composed of beans, particularly white kidney beans. There are many various brands for you to choose from and what is more they are mostly available online for quite reasonable prices.

ExamplesXLS Medical Carbohydrate BlockerMeratolDEcarbCblock.

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C) Fat Blockers (FB)

The FB come in tablet form, and they work in a very similar way to dietary fiber. It moves through your digestive system and is excreted in the same fashion, except when it comes to FB, as they pass through your stomach and intestines, they pick up fatty substances along the way and prevent it to be stored by your body.

What is more, FB absorb between six and ten times its own size in fat as it moves through your stomach and intestines. XLS Medical is nowadays probably the most trusted provider of this type, and they offer different versions depending on a person’s weight loss plan.

ExamplesAlliXenicalProactol Plus.

D) Thermogenic Fat Burners (T)

These particular capsules are perfect for anyone who is working out at the gym as a big part of their program to shed some pounds. This type of pills effectively use thermogenic energy. It basically means in layman’s terms that they increases a your metabolic rate, which gives you much more energy for doing exercises.

Taking these should enable you to keep working out for longer period and doing much more intense exercises, regardless of your body weight or size. Simply Slim is one of the best providers for this type of product, and they have a very big online presence for those who want to check them out and see if they are right for them.

ExamplesCellucor Super HDOxy5001 Mega Thermogenic, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite.

E) Cortisol Blocker (CtB)

The worst thing that can put a downer on any form of program to get skinny is stress. It can have damaging effects on your body, including an increase in your weight.

Cortisol is the hormone that creates stress, and these pills can help those who have stress-related obesity problems to work on their size without anything physiological holding them back.

Because this is a new form of blocker, it still remains to be seen whether or not they are effective for a large number of people. AD-3 is one of the bigger producers of this blocker, and could be a good choice for those who want to give them a try.


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Dr. Oz Recommends Going Natural

On his show, Dr. Oz recommended three different natural supplements that he said were the most effective. He mentioned:

  • Calcium Pyruvate – A substance that is supposed to break down the fat cells in a person’s body so then they can be passed away naturally.
  • Chitosan – His second choice was chitosan which effectively acts as a barrier inside one’s intestines to stop any fatty stuff from forcing their way into his or her digestive system.
  • Gama Linoleic Acid (GLA) – It was Dr. Oz’s final recommendation. This substance basically helps reduce the inflammation of lipid cells, which stops them wanting more food in order to be kept satisfied.

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Top 5 Fat Burning Supplements

No. 1: Phen375

Phen375 Bottle & PillsPhen375 is probably the best natural fat burner that is commercially available right now.

These pills effectively do a number of very important things in one go:

  • Breaking Down – They break down fatty tissue so then it can be passed naturally.
  • Burning Of Stored Energy - It boosts a person’s metabolism.
  • Appetite Suppression – It also reduces one’s hunger and cravings so then he or she is not adding or replacing the fat as it is being passed away and broken down.

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It also helps promote willpower within a person, so then they can better control themselves as well as allowing the supplement to do the work that it does best.

No. 2: Capsiplex

Capsiplex PackageCapsiplex is a product that contains a blend of many different ingredients that enables people to increase their metabolism dramatically before, during, and after working out.

This makes it perfect for anyone who is planning on making a workout regime a main pillar of their weight loss program.

Capsiplex capsules contain following ingredients: CaffeineNiacinPiperine (Black Pepper Extract) & Capsicum Extract.

The last substance is the most important part of the supplement, as it helps reduce one’s appetite and burns calories while also increasing metabolism.

No. 3: Lipo 6 By Nutrex

LIPO-6 Bottle By NutrexLipo 6 is a powerful and effective fat burner that has quickly become one of the most respected and reliable brand on the market at the moment.

It prides itself on being the world’s first liquid capsule when it comes to fat burners. This makes it perfect for anyone who has problems swallowing any pills.

Because it is a liquid capsule, it is able to be much more absorbent and can make its way into a person’s system much more effectively than some other brands that are available.

It springs into action very quickly, and is a great supplement to use before or after your planned workout for the day.

No. 4: Hydroxycut Hardcore

Hydroxycut Hardcore CapsulesHydroxycut Hardcore is a great supplement that is designed almost entirely for people who are using a hardcore workout regime as part of their weight loss program.

It has been designed almost from the scratch to give people who are exercising constantly the ability to shed pounds and burn fat more quickly.

It is designed to provide you the best experience possible when they are in the gym working out or when they are training.

If you are a sporty person and looking for a substance that can effectively help someone who is very active all the time, then this is the product made directly for you.

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No. 5: MAN Scorch

MAN Scortch Bottle Of PillsThe MAN in name of this product stands for Metabolic Augmenting Nutrition. These supplements aim to be perfect for everyone, whether you want to burn off lots of fatty tissue quickly and easily or if you are just looking for a little bit of help when you’re trying to lose few extra pounds.

This products assist you in maintaining weight loss after it has been achieved, and instead of just reducing a person’s appetite, it tries to stabilize your body so your cravings should be normal in relation to the amount of fat and calories you are burning.

Where & How Can You Buy These?

All of these products are available online, but some of them can be purchased from your local drug store. This is especially true when it comes to some of the bigger name brands that you can buy.

  • Go Online – If you are in need to save a bit of time though, then heading on the internet is probably the best thing you can do.
  • Buy From Official Websites – Having said that, make sure that you are safe when shopping online. Try and make sure that you buy all of these supplements from the official sites if possible.
  • Look For Trusted Retailer – If they are not available through their own sites, then try and ensure that you get them from a trusted retailer. Buying them because they are cheaper on a site that you have never used before or you’re somewhat uncertain about how trustworthy they are, then the best thing to do is avoid them.

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Buying supplements and any sort of pills online is something that can be potentially dangerous, so make sure whoever you are buying them from is a trustworthy retailer who will provide you with the product you are looking for.

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  • Ben

    I am looking to burn off some of my excess fat and I will be sure to check some of these products out for myself. I have tried others in the past and whilst some of them did work for me, others seemed to make my situation worse more than anything. Oh well… am always up for trying new supplements :)

    • Jan

      i used to be the Lipo6 block bottle ,so i could not get any gain to lose my wight and as well as when i sallow any pills of it i had dizziness and weakness thus i put it out on garbage . but i did not use the white bottle and if any ones uses please instruct about .

  • Hansen

    i am quite distrustful of diet pills!!! i think they should be used as a last resort OR only to supplement a normal weight loss regime, else you’ll just have to use them ALL THE TIME. useful list for those that want to buy, but i don’t think they’re the best solution.

    • sammy

      I have to agree with you. I used to take a lot of diet pills/weight loss/fat burners, whatever you want to call them and they never really gave me any benefits, at least not any that I saw or knew about. I used them as a last resort, but instead I figured I would just go with a diet and exercise and that worked perfectly. I worked out while on the pills, but I didn’t eat the healthiest, so that could be why. idk.

  • Linda

    Nice list! I’ll have to think trough with which of these to supplement my diet…which one is your favorite?

    I’ll also have to compare prices, but at least this list gave me a starting point :)

  • Alyx

    I never used diet pills :9 I’m getting desperate tho…this last 5 lbs just won’t go!!! I think I need to take some supplements. I’m thinking the Phen one sounds good, I think i might try it out for a short time and see if it works :)

  • Andrew

    My wife said she wants me to buy her some of these pills but I don’t get why…but I’m going to, to make her happy I guess, if that’s what she wants. I think I’ll get her the Hydroxicut, she always works out so this will be a good fit

  • Lena Peters

    Nice list, very informative! learned a lot about what the market on diet pills is producing nowadays!! lipo 6 is oldie but goldie, it worked for me and i lost a few pounds! but the other alternatives sound good, too. in the end, it’s up to personal choice!

  • Carl Travis

    There is so many fat burning supplements out there that it’s become crazy hard to find the right one. I want to thank you guys for listing the best ones, I really appreciate it. I actually tried Phen before, and it works pretty nicely, but I want to try something that works faster or better, hopefully one of these will be my answer.

  • Tammy

    Capsiplex has been my go to supplement for weight loss/fat burning. I haven’t really tried any of the others listed, Capsiplex has been the only supplement I ever used, and it’s been working very well from what I can see. I am losing weight, and I suppose it is helping with that. Normally I’d lose less if I was just on a diet and exercise program, but adding in Capsiplex, it has made things a lot easier.

  • RyanB

    All I hear about fat burning supplements is that they’re not worth it. I usually go for anything that’s been evaluated by the FDA, and I don’t think any of these fat burners are. Is this true? Or am I completely wrong?

  • John

    This is a fantastic list of far burners out there. I wouldn’t say I’ve used all of them, but I did use Phen375 prior. It worked for the brief time I could afford to get it, I instead started to focus more on eating more healthy foods and working out for an hour instead of just 3 days a week for 30 minutes. You just need to push yourself. These fat burning supplements aren’t going to make you lose weight if you sit on your but and eat fatty foods, you can’t expect them to work just because. I just wanted to get that off my chest.

    • Shari Paul

      This is the truth that more people need to pay attention to. Fat burning supplements assist with the weight loss process. But it doesn’t mean you sit around watching television, eating donuts and drinking soda.

      To get the best results from any fat burning supplement, you should also get some exercise in at least 3-4 days a week. Even if you walk a good 30 minutes a day with 2 lb weights on your legs, you’ll see better results. This is what I did and it worked for me. And it’s a given that you should eat healthier while you’re taking one. Simple advice, but so true.

  • Richard M.

    I’m 51 years old and I work out 5 times each week. I do 30 min tredmill,skipping,and some weights.My height is 5″12 and my weight is 90 kg. It seems I don’t loose weight any more. Can you please suggest what more can I do?

    • gavra

      Way to go, man! I tried a million times to convince my father to workout out with me or at least go running but he always make up an excuse. Congrats for having such a strong willpower and wanting to look the best you can. If you want to lose weight, try some HIIT workouts. They “kill” your body and help you shed fat fast.

  • francis woods

    This is the post I have been waiting for! I like that you name names in your post and tell us what works and what doesn’t. Thank you for helping us lose more weight more effectively!

  • Julia

    Ever since I started working out, Hydroxycut Hardcore has been my go to supplement for keeping my body lean and mean. A trainer recommended it to me years ago and I love it. I would only recommend it if you’re using a regular workout routine. It doesn’t really give you the results you want if you’re just sitting around eating junk food.

    I’ve worked out with it and I’ve worked out without it, and there is a clear difference.

  • Alena

    Two thumbs up fro Capsiplex! I started using it when I lived in London, but I brought several bottles back because I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to find it in the States. (You can, by the way.)

    It gives me energy… increases my metabolism… and I strongly believe it has helped me lose weight faster. I do work out 3-4 times a week while using it. I would say it increased my weight loss about 20% faster. Before I started using Capsiplex it would take me 2-3 weeks to lose 10 lbs. But with Capsiplex, it took me about a week. I highly recommend it.

  • steph

    Hello all,

    I saw calcium pyruvate on the Dr. Oz show and decided to give it a go because it’s supposed to work on chunky thighs. On his site it says take 1000mg before each meal for a week. You’re supposed to stay meat-free for that week as well.

    My results were pretty good. I was able to get on a pair of jeans that I hadn’t been able to wear in years. Granted, they were out of style, but the sheer excitement of being able to get my thunder thighs in there was incredible. If thighs are your problem area, it’s worth checking out.


  • MamaD

    I’ve never tried a fat burner before, but my daughter swears by Lipo6. She started taking it about a month before her wedding and she lost so much weight we had to have her wedding dress altered again. It was almost slipping off of her! She exercised while taking it, so that probably helped.

    • sabel20

      I was also thinking about trying Lipo6. I want to lose just 6 pounds but I want to look more toned and have super defined abs. Whenever I have a cheat day the next day my stomach will look bloated and I gain fat way too fast. What workout did she do and how often she trained?

  • Ready4Change

    Thanks for the list! I will definitely look into the natural options that were suggested by Dr.Oz. Seems, the choice for me is Calcium Pyruvate that way I can get rid of some of this fat, as naturally as possible. I have been struggling to lose weight for so many years. To be quite honest, I have been overweight my entire life. The only time that I remember being skinny is when I was a young child. I grew up with parents that love to eat so unhealthy. To them everything always needs extra butter/sugar/salt etc. Somehow my mother makes salads unhealthy, she is an awesome cook, but its just time for a change.Thanks for this list.

  • GMOfree

    I would love to try Phen375, as it is suppose to be natural. I was wondering if anyone knew if it contained any genetically modified ingredients? I have been struggling to lose these 10 last pounds,however I try to avoid all foods with GMO’s in it.

  • Phyl

    I have been taking Phen375 for a bit over 3 months and I have lost 35 lbs! I started at 165! I am so proud of myself. I eat right, I workout every other day. But I feel like these pills make it much easier as they suppress my appetite.

  • Camilia

    I am one for dieting,but I don’t believe in taking pills! The reason is because you never really know the side effects and what they might do to your body in the long run. A few years back my friend was taking some diet pill, which were given to her by her doctor. A year later, she had heart problems that were related to the pills. Like this site says, make sure you speak with a doctor about diet pills, they are no joke.

  • Juice Head

    I have been taking Man Storch for 2 months now. However i am noticing that I am having a hard time concentrating on tasks. I never had this issue before so I don’t know what to do. I didn’t lose weight but I did gain plenty of muscle. I asked my gym buddies, the ones that told me about and they said it was normal. So, just be careful when starting diet pills and always read the side effects.

  • Martha Robinson

    I’ve heard of Chitosan and now that doctor Oz has also recommended it I may give it a try because I value his opinion. Thank you for including a link to that episode, Christine! The other two he recommended I know nothing about, but I will do more research and see what they can do.

    As fat burning supplements go I personally feel that Lipo 6 might be a good one (at least in my opinion). I love the fact that it is a liquid capsule! I always preferred drinking syrup rather than taking pills so Lipo 6 is the best for me. And I also know Lipo 6 better than any of the others presented here.

    I know 2 people that have been taking it for a long time and they say it totally works and that they literally feel the fat burning away. These people are working out 3-5 times weekly so burning fat is also a result of their work but they say Lipo 6 definitely helps a lot.

  • giani

    I’m not big on supplements so thank you for also mentioning those three natural supplements. Chitosan seems like a great choice for me but I don’t know if it has any side effects. I have a mild heart condition and don’t know if this will interfere or can cause complications. Do you have input on this?

  • dia

    I’ve been on Lipo 6 for over two weeks and didn’t experience any side effects except a mild nausea in the first two days but after this everything was ok. These pills seem like a better fit for me because I hate taking pills as a result of a childhood where I was mostly sick and underwent various treatments. I’ve lost two inches from my waist and will keep on using them.

  • Ziath

    Has any guy tried Phen375? I want to lower my body fat drastically because I think about competing next year and this one sounds promising. My upper body is too developed compared to my legs so I will have to focus on them in my trainings but still want to lose some fat.

  • Yash

    I wanna cut my tummy fat so which one should I choose. Please suggest.

  • Misty

    Hi! I have about 50-60 post baby weight lbs I need to shed. I have lost it before & kept it off. But this time it hasn’t been easy. I know if I could just lose it I wouldn’t have an issue staying at my goal weight. Do you think Capsiplex or Phen375 is the better one? Your opinion is appreciated :) thanks!