14 Really Important Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice


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We are all familiar with aloe gel and it’s variety of uses in topical form to help treat cuts, soothe a sunburn, and even promote healing of bedsores. But there is another form that has many benefits as well – the aloe vera juice!

This plant is a very hearty succulent that can grow in a broad range of climates. Moreover, it can survive in temperatures from freezing colds to 120 degrees F, as well as in droughts and rain-forests as long as its roots do not drown or get damaged!

Its leaves are harvested to obtain the liquid that can be sold or processed into a gel by combining it with a thickening agent. Additionally, this substance has many significant benefits and has soared in popularity to treat a variety of health conditions.

Benefit #1 – Alkalizes Your Body

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Our bodies maintain a healthy balance between acidity and alkalinity which is influenced by the foods we eat. Luckily, this juice makes our inner system more alkaline.

The optimum structure of foods should be 80% alkaline and 20 % acidic!

Keep in mind: It helps by alkalizing our organism, and since diseases do not survive in such an environment, this can stave off various illnesses and other health complications.

Benefit #2 – Removes Various Toxins

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When the aloe vera juice is produced, it has a natural gel-like consistency. If you split its leaf and allow liquids to flow out, you can see how it does not run quickly like water but more slowly.

Pay attention: This consistency allows for this juice to absorb toxins from your gastrointestinal tract and they just travel through your organism to get discarded.

Benefit #3 – Supports Your Immune System

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Our immunity is always ready to fend off attacks from the environment we live in. This juice can help ramp it up with polysaccharides. These substances help our bodies to produce macrophages, which is our tool to defend against viruses and other nasty stuff.

Keep in mind: Besides polysaccharides, aloe vera juice has also a lot of anti-oxidants, that reduce a lot of free-radicals flowing within our organisms. This even helps with slowing the effects of aging and cell damage!

Benefit #4 – Drink Aloe Vera Juice to Lose Weight


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We all would like to find the easiest formula for skinny body, but unfortunately, this juice isn’t your magic bullet. Instead of directly contributing to weight loss, the many benefits of this plant make losing those stubborn pounds a secondary effect!

Keep in mind: It removes toxins, enhances your immune system, and maintains a healthy digestion. All of these enable us to stay well and shed body mass as a side-effect.

Benefit #5 – Lowers High Cholesterol


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Aloe vera juice includes a substance that is called beta (β) sitosterol. Medical studies have shown that it can bring high cholesterol levels in your blood under control.

Pay attention: This is a type of sterol with a similar chemical structure that stops cholesterol absorption helping to reduce its overall levels in your body, hence promoting good cardiovascular health.

Benefit #6 – Fights Against Inflammation

A variety of factors can cause inflammation in your body. There could be an injury, or it could be an auto-immune response. Either way, it makes our bodies experience pain and minimizes our capabilities.

The next time you are suffering from inflammation just drink some aloe vera juice. It contains over 12 different substances that can help you get rid of it.

Keep in mind: The one that works is beta-sitosterol that has been used by many runners to minimize swelling after a competition.

Benefit #7 – Improves Digestive Tract & Reduces Its Irritation

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We all face issues with our digestive tracts such as ulcers, acid reflux, and general irritation. This natural liquid has three properties that can improve stomach health and reduce its irritation:

  1. This plant is an adaptogen that can regulate your organism and make your bowel movements more regular.
  2. It may ease acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome by soothing your systems.
  3. It may help your body get rid of worms because it is a vermifuge as well.

Keep in mind: All of these work together to promote proper digestion that is crucial for effective weight loss and overall health.

Benefit #8 – Bye-Bye Constipation

If you’ve ever been constipated, you know that it’s not pleasant at all. However, drinking this juice can boost regulation of your digestive system and get both diarrhea and constipation under control.

Keep in mind: Furthermore, it helps you to get rid of dangerous bacteria that may have entered your organism. You will become more regular, and your overall health and feelings of well-being will improve.

Benefit #9 – Stabilizes Blood Sugar

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If you are struggling with diabetes, this liquid can regulate your blood sugar. Three compounds in it help provide this benefit:

  1. Lectins
  2. Mannans
  3. Anthraquinones

Pay attention: Some studies have been done to show some improvements in glucose levels when patients drank aloe vera juice.

Benefit #10 – Boosts Your Vitamin & Mineral Intake

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Did you know that this juice is a rich mixture of vitamins and minerals? Very few drinks or foods can boast such large amounts of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E); folic acid; and choline.

Moreover, it has over twenty different minerals. For example, there is calcium, sodium, potassium, selenium, and iron.

Keep in mind: It also contains fatty acids and eight essential amino acids. Overall, this one has “more bang for the buck” than any other choice on the market right now.

Benefit #11 – Hydrates Your Body

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Aloe vera gel has many applications when used as a topical solution to treat skin conditions. It also has significant secondary benefits because:

  1. It works as a moisturizer.
  2. Has anti-aging properties that keep your skin looking young and fresh.

Pay attention: Drinking AV juice can keep you hydrated which is good for keeping your skin healthy. Additionally, it gives your body the building blocks it needs to replenish old cells and regenerate.

Benefit #12 – Cures Your Gums

Did you know that countless benefits of this juice extend even to the area of your mouth? Its ability to reduce the inflammation and eliminate harmful bacteria also apply to your gums.

There is even evidence to show that aloe plant can help reduce bleeding of your gums and even cure ulcers!

Medical studies have shown that maintaining healthy gums is essential to our overall well-being. Food and pathogens can enter through your mouth, but if we allow them to take up residence and grow, then we provide an open gateway to our organism.

Keep in mind: Aloe gel is starting to become more popular in toothpaste because of the benefits it provides for good dental care.

Benefit #13 – Reduces Acne & Blemishes

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Aloe Vera juice combined with its gel is an excellent way to combat acne and blemishes on your skin. It works internally to supply vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Not only that, but it also helps to:

  1. Reduce inflammation
  2. Fight bacteria
  3. Hydrate your body (because of its high water content)

Keep in mind: Its gel form (when applied topically) helps to make your skin supple, heal blemishes, moisturize and minimize inflammation due to shaving or sun burns. All of these improve the overall health of your skin and eliminate acne.

Benefit #14 – Improves Your Hair Growth

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If you’ve always wanted to have long silky hair then maybe you should try drinking some aloe vera. It assists to keep your pH balance in the correct range to boost growth and helps to retain its moisture.

It may also help if you apply this liquid directly to your scalp. There are two things that it does:

  1. Clears dead skin clogging your pores.
  2. Removes sebum which can lead to baldness.

Pay attention: Overall, both liquid and gel combined can help you to have the full head of hair that you’ve always wanted to have.

DIY Making of AloeVera Gel Juice

Click on the Image Above to Watch the Video

Final Verdict: Amazing Super Food

Aloe vera juice has become the new super-food in the health food industry. Very few natural liquids have such a long list of benefits that this one has.

However, you always need to choose a product that is all natural, cold pressed, not pasteurized and was not made from concentrate. Additionally, you should stay away from brands that use dangerous preservatives.

Just keep in mind that this plant does not just provide a topical solution that you can use to heal cuts, burns and bites. It has a broad range of other advantages when ingested.

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  1. I was drinking lots of George’s Aloe Juice which is wonderful because it is processed to have no taste and lost weight like crazy. I was thin but got really thin so I highly recommend it for those who are wanting to drop weight!

  2. helo…i have hepatomegaly..if aloevera is so effective then can i have it?i search the net, it says people who have liver and kidney problem can’t have it..is it true? pls do reply coz i desperately need an anwer…i m loosing weight,BP, hair and now i find problems with walking too..so much pain is horrible

  3. I used Aloe pure juice it is little bitter and after I some I felt some uneasy like burning in my stomach.

    • from 2 year treat to doctor for consive but not usr doctor says age bar & hypoechoic lesion prob what can i do pleae tell me

  4. Look for George’s Aloe Vera Juice. It has no taste. I found it at the Vitamin Shoppe.
    It costs more than some of the others, but you can drink it without adding to anything.

  5. Am having serious indigestion and malabsorption. I took half a glass of aloe vera juice by forever living products. It seems to have a cooling effect on my stomach and its working right away

  6. I just tried aloe vera juice for the first time today…. I tried a juice cthaalled Aloe Vera King….. It’s all natural and has NO ALOE LATEX that’s bad for you. This particular one says almost all the ing. are organic…. The taste was wonderful as it was flavored with mango, it contains a lot of mineral water as well.
    Might I ask that anyone who doesn’t like the taste to try it with mango juice if you like that particular kind…..it also comes as natural flavor and pomegranate. Those were the only flavors I found so far.
    My husband and I are both diabetic and have gastrointestinal issues. I hope it works for us. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    • I have an 80 year old uncle who drinks pure aloe vera juice, it has controlled his diabetes and he’s really looking better than ever. His hair is even growing back. Seeing how good he is, has inspired me to start drinking it myself. I recommend you get the pure gel, trader joe’s or wal-mart has it. Good luck.

  7. I have sun burn spots in my face & neck can you please suggest me that what shall I ues to reduce the sun burn spots (fast).

  8. I know a pretty cool aloe water project on kickstarter called detox water…maybe I don’t need to buy my own aloe plants now

  9. Hey friends i’m having acne.. can eating aloe vera gel be helpful in it? Plz reply n what would be helpful in treating their scars?

  10. Elizabeth , Its actually been proven that the components in Aloe Vera , actually deplete cancerous cells & tumor cell growth . It is a wonderful natural way of building a shield against the hazards of carcinogens.

  11. Elizabeth the FDA is not your friend. They work with companies to hid many of the harmful things that are in our food today. You may want to verify that the test you read about was accurate.

  12. I see nothing here warning people about the 2 year laboratory study which found thatAloe Vera Juice caused cancerous tumors in rats!? Yes, I know we are not rats but it indicates there may be a carcinogenic component. Additionally the FDA ruled that Aloe is “not safe” to be used as a laxative.Please let your followers know the whole story so they can make an informed decision!

  13. Since I was little my father used to drink this stuff as he had really bad cholesterol. Me and my brother always teased him, saying he will turn green one day, ha ha. But it actually works and the best part about it is that it is as natural as it can be, whenever he was sick he didn’t have to swallow lots of meds to feel better.

  14. If you want to achieve maximum results, avoid drinking sweetened or overly processed Aloe Vera juice. Buy the natural version because it has a ton more benefits compared to the calorie-sweet-bombed one. If you hate the taste that much, just mix it with a strawberry-banana smoothie or any other drink you want, as long as it’s as natural as possible.

  15. I don’t think you would shed tens of pounds by drinking this juice, but it will clean out your body of toxins. This will help you lose a few pounds but you still have to be mindful about your diet and implement a rigorous fitness routine if you want to see actual results.

  16. My dermatologist recommended I should drink Aloe Vera juice to cure my acne. It took almost half a year before I started seeing some improvements in my skin. After a couple of months of drinking I noticed that I was less bloated and my digestion was smoother and less noisier. Now I have one-two glasses of Aloe Vera each day.

  17. I wonder how much Aloe Vera could one drink daily without going overboard. This plant has a lot of benefits, but like any other thing out there, if you use too much of a good thing it will eventual turn against you and may have secondary effects at some point.

    It’s very interesting to me that Aloe Vera can get both diarrhea and constipation under control. If you had any of these two problems you would usually need to get a different drug for each one and most will have side effects. But Aloe Vera is able to do well in either situation which is
    pretty neat.

    If anyone here knows how much Aloe Vera is too much, please share. I want to start drinking it on a regular basis and see what happens, but don’t want to encounter any side effects.

    Thanks for the well researched post, Christine!

    • Only 4 ounces – I take it – and it also gives energy without accelerating your heart rate! It’s wonderful!

    • To much is not good . Follow the instructions on the bottle . I start drinking and my blood test have a great numbers my doctor was impress . I have a diabetes ,blood pressure problem , cholesterol (still high ), Acid Reflux (perfect for that ),arthritis (less join pain) .

    • I have suffered with IBS for over 20 years and had all kinds of different medication have bother with both constipation and diarrhea, been taking 25ml everyday for a few months and my IBS has been great no constipation or diarrhea wouldnt be without it.Hope this helps.

  18. I was aware of the benefits of Aloe Vera to aid diabetes, as my grandmother and other West Indian ladies would drink it with lemonade for that reason. I didn’t kow about the other stuff though!

  19. Aloe vera is a great cure-all, mostly for skin stuff, it soothes immediately. Since I now found out from your list it also has a lot of vitamins and the like, Ill experiment and put it into some of my shakes. I think it might work with more exotic flavours 😀

  20. I love aloe vera, I’ve used since I was a teenager and wanted to get rid of my back acne. Now I drink it regularly because it has so many vitamins and hydrating properties, since I have a hard time drinking plain water unfortunately. Very informative article!

    • I must have misread the article – *drinking* it helps get rid of acne? I kept putting it on my skin, I must have been doing it wrong.

      • You re suppose to drink 8oz pet day for about 2 to 3 weeks…buy from walmart $6.44…if u take for longer periods could have bad side effects…b careful…moderation is key O

        • the Wal-mart variety ($6.44/gal) had an awful taste. Tasted like the plastic bottle. I then bought the Vita-cost organic aloe vera juice, and it tasted excellent. Reminded me of lemon juice . . . which makes me think that Aloe Vera juice is acidic. If so, would it be contraindicated for persons with GERD or a hiatal hernia? The diet that a doctor gave me said to avoid lemon juice and lemonade, something that I had been drinking almost daily.

          • I’ve read in several articles that aloe Vera juice is actually alkaline not acidic. 🙂

  21. Nice article, very informative! I never knew aloe vera had so many vitamins…it’s impressive. I saw some green tea and aloe vera at the supermarket a while ago, so I think I’ll try to make some for myself at home.

  22. My friend used Aloe Vera to reduce the zits on her face! She was so acne ridden before, poor girl it was really awful. But as soon as she started to use Aloe those things cleared up really fast!!!

    • Wow, I wish I had heard of that when I was a kid! I figured out over time that my zits were being caused by some kind of bacteria, because when I used an antibiotic they went away.

  23. My mother always grew Aloe Vera to put on rashes and other stuff like that, but I never knew it had so many other properties! Guess since I had it at home I never had the curiosity to google it. I will definitely use it on my hair, I’m trying to grow it out of my pixie cut 😀

  24. Aloe Vera is excellent. I had a horrible rash just the other night and this stuff really helped calm it down. It is great for you in every way.

  25. I agree with everything written here. As a vegan, I look to plants for many of there benefits and healing powers. I use aloe vera gel for my weekly facial. It leaves your skin feeling cool and revitalized. I find that the dark spots under my eyes are slowing going away. Kudos to Christine for sharing this wonderful information about this ancient plant that is a super plant.

  26. Wow I am so impressed with Aloe Vera. I always thought it was just an odd plant in my grandmothers house, they are rather ugly. But now I will start drinking aloe vera juice and using it on my hair. The main reason I want to try this, is to lower my cholesterol. My doctor keeps complaining about it, not realizing that the pills he has prescribed me, give me terrible side effects. Should I do organic aloe vera drinks or is conventional fine??

  27. I have been looking for a natural remedy for hair growth. I am 100% going to try using Aloe Vera! Sadly, my hair is thinning so hopefully this will help.

    • I always figured that oils would help hair grow, I never would have thought of aloe vera! Glad I stumbled on this blog.

  28. Aloe Vera is a plant that I just love! I grew up with a single father,he is very OCD about his plants. Growing up we always had aloe vera plants. They took up so much space in the living room, as these plants tend to get grow rather large. Anytime I would get injured he would cut part of a leaf off, and rub the gel on my cuts and bruises. Now that I am older I appreciate how much he loved his plants because these plants are so beneficial. They are also beautiful to look at and are great to put on burns.

    • In my case, my mother is the one that loves plants and reading about their healing properties. She used to makes us dandelion tea when we had various allergies and Aloe Vera was the go to “ointment” whenever we cut, scrape or injure ourselves. This plant is so effective that now I use it for my kids and they seem to love the whole “mother Earth” concept.

    • Hi Tori, Aloe Vera Juice tastes very good! It has a sweet taste, but its not overbearing with sweetness. I suggest that you try drinking it cold, but avoid drinking with ice, as you don’t want to water the taste down. I usually drink some after a workout, mainly because its very refreshing and the taste. I like Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Whole Leaf juice. Best of Luck:)

      • Haha, Claudia, I’m not sure what you were drinking, but that sounds nothing like Aloe juice at all. Maybe what you had was mixed with something? Alone, it tests like a slimy green pepper, but stronger. It’s pretty gross, unfortunately. I did find a way to make it taste good though – I mix two shots of Aloe with a shot of lemon juice, and put that in a pint of cranberry or apple juice. Still feels a little thick, but it’s good enough so I don’t think twice about drinking it.

        • It might have been the berry nectar made by forever, they do a variety of flavours and also the plain pure drinking gel. I love the taste of the berry one as it has cranberry and apples too to help with problems of the waterworks and also helpful for skin conditions 🙂

          • I have suffered with ibs, cholesterol, acid reflux, cholesterol is dropping, I have normal bowel movement

      • The Aloe Vera Gel has a taste but it is not horrible. I take the gel twice a day and I have all fruit jam that I use to take away after taste….just a teas.